Dotty Armour, mother of Laurie Anne Armour

Pat French, mother of Symone French Cobb

Juanita Smith, mother of Eric Erdman



WE are the Music Moms (or mamas, if you ask Dotty).

When you hear the word 'Musician', your mind conjures up images- some good, some not so good.


We are mothers of musicians, and we will give you a perspective of the music world from our point of view.

As music moms, we are extensions of our children and their dreams, no matter their age. Just as soccer moms carry supplies to the park, we carry guitar picks, batteries, even capos in our bags. It is our firm belief that music is a calling that comes from within, not just a career choice.

We will tell you about our journey, our experiences in the music world in support of our musician sons and daughters.


We will make you cry, we will make you laugh until you are sore, and we will leave you wanting more!

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