Tim Jackson's Storytellers Tour

September 26, 2017


Behind everyone's favorite song is an untold    story... 



What is a Storytellers Tour?


 A story can be told in many ways. My personal favorite is through music. On Saturday August 26th, I went to Lynn Haven, Florida to experience the Tim Jackson Storytellers Tour as they performed at Roberts Hall.


Music touches me unlike any other form of communication. This show was magic. The performers were: Tim Jackson, Lindsey Thompson, Duke Bardwell, Eric Erdman and the show was made even fuller with great guitar playing by Mark Gillespie. All of this group of musicians played and sang, except for Mark who was there to fill in with his fabulous guitar playing. His contribution was the whip cream on top of the sundae; he added sweetness with his guitar.


 I suggest you google these performers or check them out on Youtube. Duke Bardwell was the bassist in Elvis Presley’s band for a period of time. And please don’t ask who Elvis Presley is…that happened to me recently when I was talking with some people in their late twenties. They also did not know Marilyn Monroe! I suppose it means I am old, yet it still surprises me. I remember musicians and other famous people from decades before I was born. The young people today are wonderful but in my opinion, they tend to live in the moment and don’t do much looking back. 


 Tim Jackson and Lindsey Thompson often accompany one another and they have many songs they co-wrote. Both are extremely talented individuals. If you ever see any of these names on an upcoming show…drop what you are doing and make plans to go listen.


 My son, Eric Erdman ended the show and then, for a grand finale sat on the edge of the stage with all of the other cast to play a song that is so new the ink is still wet to the touch.



This song is one he wrote with Tim Jackson and it laments the pains of hurricanes that hit our southern border; such as those the people in southern Texas are suffering right now. This particular song speaks of New Orleans after a hurricane but all of us in this part of the world understand mother nature's wrath. It also reminds us of the resilience of the people who live in hurricane alley. As the water recedes, they come out and build again. The song is called “Hurricane Scars”.  If you live anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, you know this feeling and it will touch you.


 Many brand new original songs were played at Roberts Hall that evening and it was an honor to be one of the first to hear them come to life.


 I want to thank Tim Jackson for his hard work and dedication to music. He is a shining star in the music scene today. I also thank the other musicians and Eric the sound man; they all worked hard setting up the stage and then putting their hearts into an absolutely perfect night of music. I believe everyone there enjoyed it as much as I did; as witnessed by the standing ovation and the roaring applause!

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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