I Traveled to the Bright and I loved it!

October 4, 2017





The brightness of it all is overwhelming. In every direction there are vibrant colors and smiling faces that make you unable to be anything but happy. Add to that the beautiful blue waters, snow white beaches, thatched roofs, cobble stone streets, plus the constant breeze that keeps your hair a bit crazy like a rock star. It is more beautiful than any place I have ever seen.


This place is a true paradise, called Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It is my first visit but I hope its not my last. My son Eric is playing a few shows here and I am glad I decided to join his party.


He is part of a trio that was put together by a wonderful Music Promoter named Sam Densler. It includes three songwriters with very different backgrounds and very different music experiences. There is my son, Eric Erdman, who is a singer/songwriter musician. He has three CDs since he became a solo artist and a fourth is currently almost ready and will be released in early 2018. He has played  music all over the world and is not slowing down.  Then there is a fabulous steel drum musician named John Patti. He has mastered the steel drum like no other. He played 8 years in the Jim Morris band and is a familiar face in the big event “Meeting of the  Minds” that takes place in Key West, Florida each year. John sings and writes songs too! Then there is Jenn Bostic. She is a keyboardist, guitarist and phenomenal singer. When she sings all eyes and ears are focused on her like she is a huge magnet. She is a talented songwriter as well, who recently moved to Nashville. She played the Grand Ole Opry and she had one of her singles (“Jealous of the Angels”) reach number one on the charts in England a couple years ago. 


The cherry on top of this fabulous sundae of music is that all 3 musicians are kind spirited and all around good people.


These three make beautiful music together. A large group of American people, including many from Alabama are here specifically to watch them perform. As a musician’s mother,  I can tell you there is no better feeling than sitting in an audience of people who are big fans of your musical son or daughter.


Singer/Songwriters are a special breed of musicians. They are not only musicians, but are also writers that pour out their very souls for you. A good writer sends out their story of life experiences for you to feel and understand and perhaps relate to. They speak of the pain, the love, the heartache and the joy. They can make you laugh, cry and ask yourself why. I can not think of any other profession that is so intense and raw.


One night we all convened for the concert on the beach and though there was a stage there was little to no protection from the elements. Rain was not anticipated, not even the weather forecaster expected anything but a nice evening. However, the rain decided to join us as though it had been invited.


If nothing else, over the years following my son and his music; I have learned that musicians and music promoters are resilient and innovative. For some, this rainout could have been total disaster, but not for music people. They immediately began going to plan B (even though they had not truly pre-planned the B).


I believe that such spontaneity and creativity comes from all of the adversity they face. Add a natural desire to perform, as they hold tight to the belief, “The show must go on!” You get a formula that bounces them back like nothing else.


I have traveled all across America with my son as he has pursued his passion for music. It has always lifted my spirits and brightened my days to follow music wherever it takes us. Some places have been uplifting more than others. All have been memorable and powerful and eye-opening experiences.


We entered a world of brilliant colors and happy times and it drew us into the bright life for 7 wonderful days!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom


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