Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival, Part 1

November 13, 2017

It was a little more than an hour drive to reach the venue that evening. Eric, my musician son, was booked as part of duo at the annual Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival. It was not his first time to play this festival, but it is always a good time there.


He was scheduled to play with Tony Brook (no S). Tony is a singer/songwriter musician that has played with Steve Young, Tanya Tucker, Lucinda Williams and Waylon Jennings; just naming a few. He has been the opening act for Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Government Mule. He makes his home in Auburn, Alabama.


I had high expectations once I read up on his accomplishments and I can tell you he did not disappoint. He and Eric jelled quite well and I think could even make a duo if they so choose.


The show was in a big, rowdy venue called The Yacht Club in Orange Beach, Alabama.I would have much preferred a Listening Room type of place but it was not something over which I had any say.


Tony’s songs are relatable, they are thoroughly thought through (unlike many songs we hear nowadays.  I plan to buy some of his music today.


I did not see a website when I googled his name, however you can pull him up via his reverberation account or the Facebook link below. Also I found some Youtube stuff on him as well. I suggest you check him out when you can…you will be glad you did.


The show was full and it made you feel whole. It took you there and helped you have fun once you got there. It did everything music is supposed to do. Music helps you touch those feelings that you may have held deep inside. It helps you know it is not only you that goes through tough times and good times. These two guys are seasoned songwriters who sing about everyday life and sometimes about things that surprise you and make you laugh. 


Eric Erdman and Tony Brook took the steering wheel and drove us away from our problems of the day. They allowed us to go on a journey with them that was carefree and comforting. They did what real musicians know how to do and they did it well.


I talked to people I had seen at shows for years. I also made some new acquaintances that were here for a wedding and for Tony Brook, who they know from their hometown of Auburn. They had never heard my son Eric Erdman playing live before. I believe he has new fans from Auburn tonight and I have some lasting friends as we exchanged contact information so we can keep in touch.


Music is a big magnet that draws good people together. It is a shared experience unlike any I have known. Tonight Tony and Eric were the magnets and we were unsuspecting chunks of happy metal pointing right at them with a laser beam of anticipation. They had the strength and the talent to hold us tightly.


Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival made a great match-up when they booked this show!





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