Music is the Answer

November 28, 2017

As I walked into the venue I was unsure of what to expect; yet certain there would be music and fun filling the space in a short time.  For me, nothing is better than music, no story can be told as well as it can be sung. The singer gives the words depth and the true feelings are pulled from them and shared so that we can feel it too.


There are times we are strained by the weight of life. Everyone has burdens to carry, some days it gets heavy and the pain creeps in and fills our minds with worry. Music is a great remedy. It soothes us. It calms us and it helps us get those feelings out and frees us from our pain, if  we let it.


We were in Fairhope, it was Friday evening, November 24th. Our show was the last in a series of shows that began when the weather was much more hospitable. The night of our show was cool, but we prepared with blankets and jackets. This was the “Live at 5 Concert Series” taking place at the Halstead Amphitheater, on School Street downtown.


It was booked as Eric Erdman and Friends. The friends he selected to join him were Shae White, Josh Ewing, Brandon White and Lee Yankee.

All of these young men are skilled guitarists, skilled songwriters and all around great guys.

There is something special when you get to hear artists perform their own songs. They created the music and the lyrics. To a musician it is akin to showing off a new child. The fact that people came who are interested and even excited to meet these newcomers (songs) really warms the hearts of these singer/songwriters.


That night I heard new songs that were only a few hours old. I heard familiar songs that brought back memories of when I first heard them. You never know for certain what you may hear when you go to a “Songwriters in the Round” show like this. These very talented people are constantly creating, constantly presenting new material to their audiences. It makes you feel special to have the opportunity to hear from their hearts and minds as they share themselves with you.


One of my favorite songs by Brandon White (and I LOVE them ALL) is the one he wrote for his young daughter. I believe it is named “she’s my girl”. You can feel the love oozing out of him with every word and every stroke on his guitar when he plays this song. Touching is the only word I can use to describe it.


Eric played some new ones from his upcoming CD, my very favorite is The Well, but the others are great too. He also played a couple of oldies of his; but he shared one song that was only a few days old, this baby is still crawling but about to stand and walk soon.


Shae White has some beautiful songs and I enjoyed them all, I just cannot remember the names right now.


Of course, Josh Ewing belted out some songs that grab hold of you and don’t want to let go. He is a great songwriter that I have followed for years. Josh has a style of writing and singing that is uniquely him and he is extremely good.


If you were not able to come, you missed a very good show. Everyone in the audience received a gift from these talented guys on Friday night.


I would recommend you check them out and go to their shows when you see their names on posters and on social media. You will be happy and feel enriched when you listen to them perform.


Live at Five Concert Series was a free concert and a special gift offered to us by the people at Coastal Community College, Halstead Amphitheater and John Cochran is the one who did all of the hard work and preparation. John found the talent and he scheduled everything. He too is an excellent musician/songwriter/singer, so google him, check him out and go see him play.


Note: If you look around and it seems everyone is angry with everyone else, you need a change of pace…music will crush the rising feel of anger as it sneaks around looking for another victim, it will add brightness like a big sun at high noon in July. Music is always out there in the air waiting for you to embrace it. Music is the answer.




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