All The Kimonos

February 18, 2018

Ferrill Gibbs and All the Kimonos…   


What visions conjure up in your head when you hear of an all male band called “All the Kimonos”?

I picture men in kimonos. I have to say I may have been just a tiny bit disappointed that they were dressed in normal, American attire. However,

once the show began, any possible disappointment vanished.


Ferrill is quite the talker. His introduction to his songs last about 3-4 times longer than the songs themselves. But anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy talking too. I can relate to his eagerness to tell us all about how the song was created; about the life situation and love that may or may not have been involved. I get it Ferrill.


I loved his very first song that he said he wrote 25 years ago (which I know cannot be true, he doesn’t even look like he could be 25 years old!) So, he may have exaggerated how many years ago, who cares. From the explanation he gave for his first song; which was about treats for his dog; he made me start thinking about it all. I agreed so much with his sentiment that the music is there and it really matters, but the words to the song are the TREAT! Good analogy Ferrill.


I had heard his name before but never had the opportunity to hear him live (or on any recording) until last night. 


Earlier that day we (Pat French, Dotty Armour and I) had a meeting to strategize about our next podcast. As we sat at a table nearby in Serda Coffee Shop downtown (one of my favorite “chillin’ and thinking spots); we decided to go together, watch a show and review it on our next podcast. We called our friend Jim Pennington (owner and operator of The Listening Room) to find out who was playing at his venue tonight. He immediately said, “Ferrill Gibbs and All the Kimonos”. Then he added, “He is is a friend of Eric’s”. (My son Eric Erdman is also a musician and he has been in Florida for a few days playing a string of shows, ending with Martin Theater in Panama City tonight).  Pat, Dotty and I discussed other places in town that had shows booked and we determined if we really wanted to HEAR the music in order to make a fair assessment of it…we should go to The Listening Room. 


There is no other place in Mobile area that puts total focus on the MUSIC. Respect for the musician is paramount in Jim Pennington’s venue. It is strictly monitored so that he can assure those who pay a cover to see good original music, are given the opportunity to enjoy and LISTEN to that music they paid to hear. That is what The Listening Room is all about.


We did not know what to expect…

Ferrill Gibbs has great vocals, his stories are genuine and touching. His music is great; you can’t necessarily place it in a box of any particular genre; which is fabulous to me.

All the Kimonos—-Ferrill Gibbs-lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Ivan Ruyle-bass, back up vocals and Brent Busby-musician extraordinaire. Brent Busby is the bomb, his hands are magic when he touches an instrument. He got many rounds of applause for his solos during many of the songs. I will remember his name when I think of gifted musicians from now forward.


Ferrill is also an author, having recently had his book published on a national level, “The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt”…check out his book and check out his music. I know you will be happy to call it your own.


Thank you once again Jim Pennington for bringing yet another talent in so that we could enjoy it.

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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