TRIO Comes to Page & Palette

March 12, 2018

TRIO comes to Page & Palette


There are trios, 

The 3 musketeers, The 3 Stooges, 3 Blind Mice, 3 Little Pigs…I could go on and on. 

This TRIO is the best of all. It is something special created in the mind of Shari Smith (author, book publisher, creator extraordinaire, advocate for arts). Shari, in an effort to help “starving artists”, which includes authors, artists and musicians, came up with an idea. She also followed through on the idea, thats the most important part. Often we fill ourselves with self-doubt when we have ideas, then we back off…not Shari Smith. She created TRIO.


She selects 10-12 books that she reads, then one book is sent to a visual artist and another copy is sent to a singer/songwriter. The artist and the songwriter are instructed to read the book, then create in their own medium. For the songwriter, of course he or she writes a song inspired by that book. The artist could be a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, a woodwork specialist or any other style of visual artist. He or she would then create something in their medium of choice that is inspired by that book.


So you now have linked an author, a songwriter and an artist—-creating a TRIO of talent and ideas that amazingly work well together.  Each of these TRIOs are then presented at shows across the country. I have been to them in several states and they have all been well worth the trip. I love to read, I love to write, I love music and I love to see creative people work together to showcase their talents. The presentation is amazing.


Yesterday afternoon (Sunday, March 11, 2018) there was a TRIO showcase at Page & Palette in Fairhope, Alabama. This was the second one I have seen at Page & Palette. These shows are primarily held at independent bookstores (NOT big chains like Barnes & Nobles). Though it is not limited to a bookstore presentation. I have been to some TRIO shows in libraries, one in Baton Rouge, LA and another in Atlanta, GA. Those were well received and enjoyed by all who came. I went to one in New Orleans last year that was held in the Sheraton Hotel. It too was great. The bottom line on that is no matter where they are held the TRIO shows are thought provoking, entertaining and well worth seeking out and attending.


The author of each book will stand and speak about the book. She or he will explain the ideas that inspired the book, the message intended by the book, or what caused them to write the book, (i.e. did they just feel inspired to write it or was there someone who encouraged the writing). It really helps to understand the root from which the book grew or the spark that started the fire to write it. Just as a song has a story, each book has a thought that led to its creation. After the author completes his or her talk, that visual artist explains their thoughts that led to the creation of the art piece. Then the songwriter does the same before he or she performs the song.


Once the full circle is discussed, or performed; the next author steps up.


Shari Smith moderates the show and she was born to speak before a crowd. She gets a bit emotional as she talks about certain books, artworks or songs and that lets you know just how genuine she is and how much she is touched by the works of these people she hand picked to be a part of TRIO.


The art world is filled with very special people. They each have a talent to share. My feeling is everyone has a talent but often these talents are not recognized or nurtured. I suggest you look inside and find your true talent, it is the most fulfilling thing in a person’s life. Remember Shari Smith and Working Title Farm. Also buy books in independent bookstores, buy the music at concerts, buy art at art shows. Keep in mind how important creativity is and reward it by buying their creations. Thanks.

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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