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April 20, 2018

Three nice people who are also Musicians


It was the final night of SouthSounds Music Festival. Sunday evenings have become a time of great music in our area and this Sunday did not disappoint.


The line up at The Listening Room on Sunday (as a part of SouthSounds Music Festival) was as follows:

Molly Thomas (vocals, guitar, violin)

Laurie Anne “LA” Armour (Vocal, guitar)

Jimmy Lumpkin (Vocals, guitar, harmonica)


Molly Thomas is a singer/songwriter, violinist and guitarist who loves music and music loves her right back. She is at one with music; I’ve never heard a voice that I loved better. I really would not care WHAT she was singing, just that she IS singing is all that matters to me. She sings, she plays guitar well and she is an excellent violinist. The first time I ever saw her on a stage was years ago when she was a violinist in a band called Slow Moses. I loved her then and I love her now.


This night Molly played “Sharona”, which is the story of a woman that is an addict who feels no self-worth…

”Sharona, Sharona, your perfume is the only thing that’s real”… 

“and if he holds ya and tells ya how much he loves you, will it make you feel.”. 

(This song always grips me like a vise. When I was in my early twenties I lost a friend (a neighbor) to addiction. Her husband had left her and she was depressed; but I never knew she had a drug problem until she was gone. For years I asked myself why I did not see it and could I have helped her).

This song is a masterpiece as it tells the story of Sharona. No-one else could give us the depth of feeling that Molly puts into it.


“You’re A Sorry One” is an emotional song of betrayal of the deepest kind. The thing I love the most about Molly’s music is the depth of feeling in her stories and the voice with which she delivers. 


Molly has a band “Molly Thomas and The Rare Birds” which includes John Milham, John Keuler and Rick Hirsch. Rick was in the audience and she persuaded him to join her for one song. It is always a treat to hear Rick play that guitar! Check out Molly and her band, go see her perform, you will be happy you did!


Laurie Anne Armour was the girl in the middle. She is soft-spoken, understated and the embodiment of kindness. In this life we meet people that fill out a huge spectrum of behaviors and ideas. For me, Laurie Anne has a warmth and gentleness about her that tends to take you to a place of comfort. Her music is just like her. It is soothing, it is spiritually uplifting and it is about her life, her thoughts, a complete introspection of our journey on earth.


I still hear the words she sang so sweetly “Bless the soul”….it was awesome. Then she told of how thoughtful her mother is, giving an example of a trip she had to take to Nashville the day before this performance and her mother voluntarily drove her there and back so that Laurie Anne could sleep and be prepared and fresh for this very show. Then she dedicated this song to her mother, “Take Your Time”. This song written by Laurie Anne is about a mother’s advice to her daughter. It is what she calls her mama song. A well written song, a well delivered song and one that any mother fully understands. She went on to sing “Should Be Love” and “It’s All Gonna Work Out”. Even the titles to her songs tell the story of sweetness and love. If you ever get a chance to hear Laurie Anne “LA” Armour perform, do it! You will be glad you did.



Then there was Jimmy Lumpkin. He was the one guy in this show and he sure knew just what to do to hold up his end of it. Jimmy sang one of my favorites, “My Name is Love”. This song was chosen to be in a movie called “The Foreigner”. It is written from the perspective of the earth saying “My name is love”. An interesting take on things that will make you think…


“Carry me like a speeding train,

Fly me high like an airplane

I’m stronger than a hurricane

You’re gonna know my name

My name is love”


Jimmy played his heart out at The Listening Room singing his original music. He also played harmonica and guitar backing up his fellow performers that evening. He is a kind hearted, salt of the earth gentleman. Jimmy Lumpkin is not only a wonderful performer, he is the kind of person anyone would want to hang out with. Look him up, check him out, make your plans to see him, you won’t regret it.


So this was the end of the SouthSounds Music Festival. It was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each night I was at The Listening Room…


The Listening Room is where the music reigns as king, the musician is given respect and it is all about the art of displaying original music in a environment where it can be honored.


Thank you SouthSounds Music Festival, The Listening Room, Jim Pennington, Molly Thomas, Laurie Anne “LA” Armour, and Jimmy Lumpkin for a great last night of the festival.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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