Is the grass-greener...the story of Bob

May 3, 2018

This is a the normal topic but something that was on my mind.

I just wanted to share this story of a one-time neighbor ...from which we learned a lot.


As I emptied some boxes from the closet I found a picture of Leon with a neighbor of ours from years ago. He was a nice guy and I guess you would say a SUCCESSFUL guy in many ways. His name was Bob (he passed away a few years back). 


When we look to people who have achieved a measure of success, most think of a person with money and power. Bob had both. He became our friend. He joined us for dinner and he loved hanging out on our pier But his time was very limited due to his constant trail of visitors.


Bob was a Mobile County judge and he was born into money… so he had lived his whole life deep in the belly of power and money.


We were actually surprised to see and even meet some of his visitors (or you might even call them stalkers).  Leon and I learned, for some people, power and money are much greater APHRODISIACS than true love. There was at least 3 women who had to have this man. They went beyond romance to the point of insanity in their quest for Bob. A few times we had conversations with them at the fence between our property and his...they were all 3 determined to win his "Love".


These ladies pursued Bob like hungry wolves and without shame. They tried everything to get to him. He would lock his gate and sit out at the water’s edge with us drinking coffee and they would climb his fence to be with him. He was embarrassed often.


Our bedroom was on the side of our house closest to Bob and we heard a woman more than once banging on his door and screaming to get inside in the middle of the night.


This man had what many dream of— plenty of money, plenty of power and plenty of beautiful women in pursuit. Yet he had no control over his personal life. He was miserable most of the time. He talked to us about it on many occasions; he fought for privacy and peace….which he never got.


BEWARE: The grass may LOOK greener…but it may also be full of snakes.


This is an abridged…yet very true story of our one-time neighbor, Bob. May he R.I.P.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom

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