Love was the star

May 25, 2018


Following a musician is a journey like no other…

I protested when my son first told me he wanted to be in a band.

My perception of the music scene was skewed and I feared it might turn down a dark road. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The best people I have ever known are musicians and music enthusiasts. I cannot imagine spending my precious days with anyone who is not into music. Right away my eyes were opened to how deeply I feel the music and how it is what has saved me in my darkest times. Music makes me happy!


This week I watched as once again these fabulous people who are the music community, came together for a member who is suffering. I understand this benefit was spearheaded by Phil Proctor and Stan Foster (two of the finest people who ever breathed). There were 52 musicians who volunteered to perform for the benefit “Picking for Pat” at Callaghan’s and time actually ran out before all could take the stage…but 52 offered…..


The music community looking out for a fellow music real, it is a steady outpouring of love. We had teenagers, like Andrew Ayers (Stereo Dogs) who played his keyboard and seasoned folks like Jef Funk (on harmonica) who has been in the scene for decades. Age, status, ethnicity are meaningless when the call goes out for someone in need.


Looking around my table, I saw angels. These ladies and gentleman would not have wanted to be any place but where they were at that moment. They sat there like me, taking in all of the excitement and music. We clapped, we sang along to familiar tunes like “Why” by Eric Erdman and “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right”. I held my breath when Molly and Rick began playing; I was hoping she would play Sharona…and it was the first one they played. Others at my table felt the same about it. We all sang along, to this song about a young woman who is lost in her addiction and has become numb to the world around her..."if he holds ya and tells ya, how much he loves you will it make you FEEL."


We heard other groupings of artists play, then some at our table jumped to their feet when “The Red Clay Strays” started their part of the show. Standing there at our table in the outside dining area, they danced and wiggled and jiggled to the music.


I clapped so much my arms were worn out and I laughed until my jaws hurt! 


In Mobile the music community is filled with people who respect one another and help each other when it is needed. Not only musicians are involved but their fans too. Also just as involved are venue owners!


Music is the glue that holds us all together and in Mobile I think we use extra strength glue (maybe Gorilla glue) to bond ourselves in love…we are tighter knit than most cities and we have a much higher number of TRULY TALENTED MUSICIANS…so of course, the fan base is huge.


This benefit was in honor of a well-known musician named Pat Murphy. He and his wife (Benita) front a band called “Delta Reign”. I have seen them over the years as they have played some of the same concerts as my son in Mobile and in Fairhope. Pat and Benita have always been gracious and friendly and their music is wonderful. Pat is battling cancer and it is time for the focus to be on them. They were the reason everyone came together  Wednesday night….Cancer was the bad guy in it all…but LOVE was the star of the show.


The music community here is tied together with heartstrings that withstand all adversities. 


Thank you JT (Callaghan's) for hosting this benefit and for all that you do for Mobile Music.

Thank you to all of those who worked so hard to make this benefit a success!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom






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