Enjoy the Symphony within you!

June 2, 2018

Thursday, May 31st I went to The Listening Room to hear Molly Thomas and Rick Hirsch. I just love the music they make.Their music makes me FEEL.


Every single song they play, original or cover…touches me. It resonates with my soul when I hear her fabulous voice raise all the way to the roof …it wakes me up again. It validates that I am still ALIVE. 


They started the show with one of my favorite songs “Sharona”…with the power of her words in the delivery of this song, I can feel the emptiness and devastation of a young addicted woman who is lost in this world…this song gives me goose bumps. It tells a story with tremendous pictures of the plight of Sharona and the life she is not-living. Sometimes I want to hug Sharona and whisper to her…”its going to be ok”.


Next Molly tells the story of her friend and his life of struggle and persistence. It is an old black gentleman who has worked hard to survive and feed his children and grandchildren. It is a compelling song of the plight of someone with less than they deserve in this world in the way of basic needs. This man is living in poverty, barely able to feed the family but managing despite great adversity ..in the backwoods of Mississippi. In this song she implores that we “Tear it Down”…tear down those invisible walls that have imprisoned some and made it near impossible to achieve the American Dream. “Tear it Down” the audience chants back to her each time …right on cue. We all want everyone to have a fair chance and to break from those chains or barriers that hold them down. He is kind, has a great heart and his challenges are real… “Tear it Down”, “Tear it Down”.


Rick told about one of his songs “Papa Come Quick” that was made famous by Bonnie Raitt. He and Molly performed it beautifully. Rick Hirsch is a phenomenal musician and songwriter…you should check him out when you get a chance. You can thank me later.


Next Molly sang a cover song by Joni Mitchell, “A Case of you”.


"I could drink a case of you darling and I would

Still be on my feet”


Another notable cover Molly sang that stuck in my heard was one written and performed by Jack Tempchin, It is titled “Tumbleweed”. I pulled it up and listened to him sing it and it was equally great when Molly sang it.

“Don’t hang your dreams baby on a rolling stone”..”If he said he loves you, if  you knew it was true, all the same you know damn well he aint no good for you.”


Molly toured with Matt Ryan for a while and he has a song that she covers with her band The Rare Birds as well as in her solo and duo shows…it is titled “I hear a Symphony” and I absolutely love this song. My favorite words are:

“you are not alone, you are not alone…I swear this burden is not your own, you are not alone”

The writer said this song is about “HOPE”…I agree it gives me hope when Molly sings it.


Music is personal to me. A song can touch your soul and lift you or comfort you, yet it often does not have the same effect on everyone. It is an individual endeavor, that fits differently on each of us. If you have not been touched deeply by music, please keep trying it on one song at a time until you find the one that speaks to your heart. It is worth your effort to have this dose of music that cures you and lifts you to the pedestal where you belong. Every song is different, every voice is different and every ear is different…your music is out there waiting for you….or you may be one of the lucky ones that has already found it…in that case Enjoy the Symphony within you!


Once again, thanks to Jim Pennington, owner, operator of The Listening Room Mobile.

Thanks to the wonderful artists that play at The Listening Room of Mobile.

Thanks to the music lovers who come to the The Listening Room for the shows!

Juanita Smith

Music Mom










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