Music is Felt By All Hearts!

June 2, 2018

June is looking like a busy month already. Music never stops and I am sure proud about that!

Eric Erdman is my musician son. He is a guitarist, a vocalist and a songwriter who loves his life (most of the time). Yesterday June 1, 2018 started off in a rush and continued until I laid my head on my pillow just passed midnight.


I picked him up at the airport at 10:30 am and he had to rush to get to his first gig of the day. It was one he always looks forward to playing. He loves the people at the shows at Mobile ARC and the wonderful friend who is responsible for many things there including the entertainment. (Julie Pittman)


Balloons in the Auditorium made things feel festive!


Due to time constraints, we joined his musician friends and their entourage at the Mobile ARC on Gordon Smith Dr, just off Stanton Road in Mobile. Soon everything was set up and sound check was taking place. Hearing the sound check brought people in like an unsuspecting magnet. They began finding seats and some were finding spaces in the designated dance area that was roped off with brightly colored balloons. 


Seeing the excitement on the faces of the people at Mobile ARC, brought big smiles to the faces of all 3 musicians who were there. Eric Erdman, Tim Jackson and Lindsey Jordan Thompson were raring to go. Lindsey plays keyboard/piano and sings like nobody’s business. She is tiny but her voice is huge. She and Tim perform a lot together and they co-write songs on a regular basis. They are in the process of releasing a new CD that consists of some of the songs they have perfected. Eric has written with both Tim and Lindsey…more so with Tim as 6 of the songs on Eric’s newest CD were co-writes with him.


They are compatible when it comes to writing for certain. I learned through this show and the one they played later that night, they also mesh well on stage.


These musicians were quick to see that many in the crowd wanted to dance, dance dance. So they broke away from originals and sang some old classics like “Brick House”, “Pink Cadillac”, “You May Be Right” (by Billy Joel), The theme song from Dukes of Hazard and Lindsey belted out a great rendition of “Jolene” (by Dolly). A good musician always wants to be and tries to be a crowd pleaser and they sure did please the folks at ARC today. At one point Sandy …a wonderful music lover who is a member of ARC and who we have enjoyed at many of the shows in the past, was invited to the stage with his harmonicas and his enthusiasm for music. Sandy is cordial, friendly and excited about music.


Even though it rained quite heavily we left Mobile ARC with huge smiles and full hearts. 

Thank You Julie Pittman for your hard word and your welcoming manner. I also met Donna on your staff who advised that she and her husband are big fans of Eric Erdman, so I loved her immediately! She is personable, friendly and someone I would enjoy hanging out with for sure.


When we left Mobile ARC, all of us were starving and at someone’s request we headed to Wintzell’s Restaurant on Dauphin Street downtown. Eric gave everyone a little tour of Mobile which started with Dauphin Street Sound, only a block away from Wintzells. We checked out many places, even the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile, which borders Dauphin St. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful that place is until I step through the doors again and am reminded instantly.


After the walking tour in the afternoon heat, everyone (especially the ladies) said “it is time to get ready for tonight’s show at The Listening Room”. We caravanned to Eric’s place where everyone hurriedly got ready....clothes were changed and make-up was applied and off we went back downtown to get ready for the evening show.


A group of 10 or more people approached us in the parking lot next to The Listening Room. They had not seen Tim Jackson in many many years and were so very excited for the opportunity to hear him play tonight. Even though we were there early, many tables were already taken and all others except one had reserved signs on them. An air of excitement filled the room from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. The show was phenomenal as all 3 musicians performed to perfection. All songs were songs they wrote together until the finale when they did a fabulous rendition of JOLENE! The crowd jumped to their feet in ovation. This was one of the most appreciative, enthusiastic crowds I have seen in quite a while. We had friends and fans in the crowd but about half of the crowd was people who had not heard Eric before, so we sold out of his new CD’s that we had on hand and some bought tee shirts as well. Others are ordering CDs from his website today.


It was a great show at The Listening Room, a respectful and excited crowd, new fans were made (and I made new friendships with a couple of ladies).


It was a rewarding show on many levels. There was a great mixture of happy, music-loving people that made for an amazing evening!


Hey people…The Listening Room in Mobile is where its at! Check them out, there is a huge variety of performers from a huge area of the country appearing there, you never know what you could be missing…Thank you Jim Pennington for shining a big light on original music and hard working, talented musicians.


Thanks to everyone for a fabulous evening.

Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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