Evil raised its ugly head, but Love Prevails

June 23, 2018


This night was a coming together in the aftermath of a tragedy. Unfortunate circumstances led to a violent attack in Callaghan’s Irish Social Club on Wednesday night, during a show.


When people discover a place with a wonderful atmosphere, a good choice of tasty sandwiches, sides and drinks of all kinds, served by smiling faces; they tend to flock to it.That is Callaghan’s….one might THINK only happiness, butterflies and jubilation would be present in such a place.  On this particular night Phil & Foster were the musicians and there are no finer, or better entertainers on earth than these two. It should have been a regular Wednesday.


However, there was a difference of opinion on a grand scale about immigration and the president. Heated words were exchanged between two men; it escalated and one 65 year old man was left bleeding with a grand total of 20 stab wounds! We learned tonight that he sustained numerous life-threatening stabs, any one of which could have killed him. Thanks to a member of the kitchen staff (IAN) and a lady named Michelle for being the heroes who saved the victim in the crucial window of time between the call for help and the arrival of that help. Many in the crowd wanted to help, Ben Sumrall and others did all they could to assist…some subdued and held the stabber and kept him from leaving before the police arrived.


What is it going to take for us to be US again? Is there never going to be a return to courtesy and respect for the opinions and ideas of others…even when they differ from our own? Many people I know fear revealing their true feelings because it is no longer safe to speak your truth. These people I speak of include both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans…all must walk a chalk line laid out by the angry, hate-filled ones who seem to have control of the minds of the masses. Please tell me we can do better than this.


Tonight, Friday, June 22, 2018 many people gathered at Callaghan’s to show JT and his staff that we care. We are sad about the incident, but it changes nothing about our love for this place and the people who gather inside these walls. We also wanted to make a statement that violence must not and can not stand in the way of our gathering and living our lives fully….we will PARTY ON….


The BONUS for me tonight was hearing two musicians I had not had the pleasure of hearing before. It was Garrett Howell and Camm Lewis. Two guitarists who sing and write songs. 

The audience was excited to see each other and to ask about or tell about the sad event this week. So it turned out to be quite noisy. This makes it tough on performing musicians. Though these two assessed the crowd of noise that included many people who were listening and attentive and others who were half-way listening or occasionally listening. 


Camm and Garrett quickly changed the show from mostly original music to popular covers in an effort to please and possibly get their attention. It seemed to pull more of the ears to their direction but noise was the order of the evening. It was at times very loud noise over which these guys found a way to entertain those of us who were eager to hear them.

Garrett sang a familiar song I had not heard in years, “Curtis Lowe”. He did a great job on it and it pleased the crowd. 


Camm sang “Revelry” by Kings of Leon. I clung to every word. His voice is powerful and it grabbed my attention.

Garrett hopped in next with an Elvis song, “Heartbreak Hotel”…he did a super job on this one and it took me back to my youth. Elvis released this hit single in early 1956…I was 8 years old and I loved it the first time I heard it….”I get so lonely baby, I get so lonely I could die”. Even at that age I could understand and had felt loneliness. This song resonates with me and Garrett really got into it.


Bravely the two agreed to play some random requests that were made…songs they do not normally play. Some musicians won’t or can’t accomplish that…but Camm and Garrett tackled these songs with everything they had in them. Then they played “How Far is Heaven”. Garrett sang lead on this one and Camm backed him up. One of the best renditions of this song I have heard.


They went on to play such songs as “Ain’t No Sunshine When she’s gone”, everyone at  my table turned it into a sing-a-long. Camm played some more of my favorites, “Fireman” and “Tennessee Whiskey”.


The one song that blew us out of the water was Camm Lewis singing a Jason Isbell song “Cover Me Up”. I thought, “is it just me or is he fabulous?” I saw the faces of friends at my table and other tables nearby with some tearing up and wanting to cry. It touched us, his voice and those lyrics reached our souls. Someone walked over to me shortly after that song and asked, “Who is that guy and where has he been?”


What a wonderful discovery of yet two more talented young men who can really sing and who are natural born musical talents.


As I talked to Camm, it struck me when he said, “I just do this for fun, like a hobby, I am a welding inspector. I am married with a family and I support my family with that job.” He told me music is only something he does for fun. I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Music is in your DNA, Camm.” You were born with that and it is a powerful part of your soul. You should always play music” (maybe you can’t do it exclusively, but you were born to be a musician).


I did not get as much time to talk to Garrett but I want him to know I am wise enough to see that he too has music in his DNA. He was meant to play and sing and that is what he should continue doing. Whether part-time or full-time as life’s circumstances dictate, these guys are good and they are real MUSICIANS and we need to hear their music.


Thank you to everyone who came to the show to support JT and his staff at Callaghan’s

Thank you Diane Sirmon Martin for the uplifting announcement you made through tears

Thank you Camm Lewis and Garrett Howell for entertaining a rowdy but loving crowd

Thank you to Dotty and Smitty Armour for saving me a seat, thank you for being—-YOU


Juanita Smith

Music Mom







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