C -A- L- L- A- G- H- A- N’- S…. spells love on Wednesdays

June 28, 2018


Some may call it music, and it is. Some may say it is a fellowship, and it is.

It is best described as LOVE and RESPECT for one another; spoken and sung

the message was loud and clear.


Those walls were packed from one side to the other, all chairs were filled inside and out and many others were willing to stand, just to be a part of it all. This was the last Wednesday of the month and is a recipe for great excitement because it means The Marlow Boys would be playing. The members are Stan Foster-on bass, Phil Proctor- on several different guitars, Karl Langley- on drums and Joe Langley on just about every instrument ever made. All four are excellent vocalists as well.


Virtually every song they sing is beyond your wildest imagination. The people who occupied my double table actually squealed when a new song began. Why, you might ask….everyone recognized the songs and was perched and ready to sing along and not just hear their music but FEEL every word and every note that came from this MAGNIFICENT FOUR.


They started out with “Technicolor Memory” and this song was all grown up, it was not shy about lifting us up and preparing us for an evening of “WOW”. The band went on to play many songs, including “Say You’ll Stay” and “Without Your Love”… The decision was made to play a popular song, written by Rick Carter (of “Rolling in the Hay” fame) The title is “Alabam”… You could hear a hushed whisper as everyone recognized the song. It was pleasing to the crowd and many jumped right in and sang along with pride (even those of us who  can’t actually sing). ….”Alabam, Alabam, always friendly faces and open doors”….”My heart is down in dixie and that is where I’ll be”…As I bellowed out these words I glanced around the table and then around the room and I teared up a little…being with this many people who were filled with joy and having so much fun is such a tremendous gift to me.


Karl Langley, drummer for The Marlow Boys, sings a cover by Bob Dylan and he blows my mind every time. My heart skips a beat when I recognize the song beginning. It is called “Gotta Serve Somebody”. If you are not familiar with that song, google Bob Dylan, listen to it….then go to a show of The Marlow Boys and hear it sound even better as Karl covers it like superman. His vocals are perfection on that song. Joining Karl on this song, by the way, was Jef Funk on harmonica. I can tell you, when Jef puts his lips to that harmonica the sound is so sweet, you almost feel like he has kissed you!


Tonight we were fortunate enough to have three exceptionally good harmonica players. Jef Funk, Joe Langely and a new person I had not previously heard Kevin St Cin. I did a very brief interview with Kevin so that I could include him in this story and this is what I learned...

Kevin is originally from St Louis, Missouri. He is currently stationed here as he serves in the Coast Guard. When asked if he was in a band, he replied “no”. I pushed a little and asked him had he ever been in a band. He said “Yes, when he was in Ft Lauderdale he was in a band called “Pure Mutt”.  For some reason I just loved that band name. He said the band is still together and playing. I suggest you google Pure Mutt as I did and you will find info on shows coming up soon. Kevin is a tall drink of water and he is a presence to be reckoned with when he pulls his harmonica close to the mic. I feel sure we will hear him again, maybe next Wednesday at Callaghan’s?


This band has several new songs. One that stood out to me was written and presented by Joe Langley and it is called “Neighborhood Local Bands”. My son is a musician (Eric Erdman) and songs like this tell a story I am familiar with for sure.


We all sat on the edge of our chairs, those standing leaned in a bit when Harold Floyd (from "Gatemouth Brown" fame), sat in for one song,  playing Stan’s bass and he sounded marvelous. It was an unexpected honor to hear Harold.


The room got excited and then quieted to hear every single word of the next special guest…Kristy Lee. She used Joe’s acoustic guitar and played one of the best renditions, EVER, of the song “Grandma’s Hands”. I saw jaws drop and eyes try to pop out of heads. It was a spectacle and it was such a joy to hear. Kristy Lee has talent that is so great she turns heads, makes people freeze in their tracks and comes close to stopping the world from its spin. If you have never heard her, your life ain’t complete.


There are more bands than we can count and each does their best to entertain the audience. As for me, the Wednesday night show at Callaghan’s is unbeatable. The first three Wednesdays are the fabulous “Phil & Foster”, sometimes joined by Jose Santiago. The final Wednesday they add Karl and Joe Langely and transform into The Marlow Boys. They may be called Marlow “BOYS”, but they sho’ nuff  prove they are  grown MEN…when the spotlight hits the stage!


Thank you The Marlow Boys for putting 100% into every minute of the show

Thank you Callaghan’s and staff, you went far beyond the basics to take care of us

Thank you all Special Guests: Kristy Lee, Harold Floyd, Jef Funk, Kevin St Cin

Thank you most of all to the tremendous number of people who came to this celebration of life and love!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom

 Phil Proctor and Stan Foster .... (picture courtesy of Cindy McNeil) 



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