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July 7, 2018


The vision I have had since childhood when I hear “well”, is my grandmother’s house in Winfield, Alabama. I was fascinated that we could get water from deep in the ground and it was in a bucket that you could crank up from that depth. It was the freshest, coolest drink…better than any of today’s finest bottled water. 


The well means so much more to me than that hole in the ground that offered a fresh drink. It is one of my favorite songs ever; and was written by my son, Eric and two friends (Sarah Aili and Shelly Riff). It is a song that evokes a depth of feelings that almost anyone can relate to and it has a powerful message of encouragement and hope.


Eric Erdman is many things to me. He is my youngest child; born very premature and lived in a NICU for months as I prayed for his survival. He is my friend and best supporter. He is my laughter when I get down and my hope when I feel hope slipping away from my life. He is a great “road trip” buddy. He is a talented musician who can write a song that causes you to THINK and makes you FEEL! 


Last night he performed at The Listening Room in Mobile. As the mother of a musician, no matter how many times he plays, I feel nervous and hopeful for a respectable sized crowd to show up. It was just Eric playing but he was enough. There was standing room only and folks were standing in the back near me as we enjoyed the show.


He returned home the night before from an almost month-long journey with his music. His path crossed many states and included many experiences, some of which he never expected. He gave us a window into his journey and the surprises along the way. The stories were as good as the music….both were stellar.


Eric sang some very new songs (only hours old), these he wrote while on his journey. He also sang many old favorites. He has a repertoire of original songs that is immense (several hundred). Yet he continues to write like a mad-man….(or perhaps like a glad-man!).


He started the show with an old familiar song “Bird On A Powerline”. He received a uproarious  applause for that one. Then he chose a new song he wrote while on his most recent journey. His co-writer was David Saw (a fabulous songwriter from England). They were in Boston (or Martha’s Vineyard) at the time. This new song has become one of my favorites already and I am sure it will continue to inspire me for years to come. The song is so new it has no official name…one possible name for it is “Horizon”…(My choice for it is “All We Ever Want”, which is another contender for the name).

He told stories from his recent trip and other stories of amusing incidents through his experiences; i.e. a show he did locally last summer in which there were a few mishaps that led to frustration and embarrassment, yet it was hilarious (in retrospect). Mingling stories with his songs made for a very entertaining evening.


He had songs that we sang along with and songs that we OOOOOO and AAAA’d with (as his special back-up crew)…then songs like “WHY” that we clapped and rejoiced with. Over all it was a party. It was a celebration of his return to Mobile. It was our own celebration of LIFE lived well.


I know that I am a teeny bit partial to this artist and his abilities. I do not apologize for that conflict of interest. But I will cover him in my blogs as I see him just as I do the other wonderful musicians of our fair city.


Listen to “The Well” by Eric Erdman, Sarah Aili and Shelly Riff. If it does not resonate with you…someone in your life will FEEL it deeply, so share.


For me it was a night of celebrations…

I was celebrating my health, my cancer-free health.

I was celebrating the safe return of my son.


I was celebrating The Listening Room which is a “Beacon of Hope” for Mobile musicians. They get the respect they deserve within this sacred space made possible by Jim Pennington. Thank you Jim for loving original music and for loving our musicians!

“Thank You” “Thank You” “Thank You”

       Pictured below are my two sons (Wendell on left, Eric (1 year old, on right)




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