It was a Celebration of Life with Music...

July 9, 2018

IF you are anything like me, you will find that music is restorative more than almost anything else. It can fill the emptiness, cure loneliness, yank you away from sadness. It reminds you that your happiness is a choice…Choose Music.


Every gig is different. Eric Erdman played Manci’s Sunday night and even though he has played there many times, even though a big percentage of the crowd are regulars at his shows, there is always a  mix of new faces and “long-time since Ive seen you” faces…that helps to create a new experience. Eric is constantly adding more songs to his huge repertoire …This adds a freshness to his shows.


As usual Manci’s always offers an interactive crowd that sings along, and calls out requests, sometimes several requests at once. It is a noisy place but it is a restaurant that is buzzing with waitstaff, hungry or thirsty people and enthusiastic crowds.


Eric offered some new songs, written on his most recent trip. One that comes to mind is quickly becoming a favorite. He wrote it with a wonderful British guy named David Saw, it is not even titled yet…but I hear it will either be called “Horizon” or “All We Ever Want”. The song speaks of a relationship that must endure long periods of time apart. It tells of the distance and the occasional peek at the horizon, and thinking of your love in that distance. It tells of a solid relationship that understands the hurdle of separation but also understands we are “all we ever want”. I love it.


I also equally love another new song, I will call it “Time”. This song is so well crafted it blows my mind. It tells of time passing and how surprising it is there is little we can do about it. Children grow up, life keeps running faster past us. …I love this line from the song…”Time doesn’t have time to linger. if you are gonna slow down, you better do it quick!”  I believe everyone can relate to the story it tells. This song was written by Eric Erdman and Taylor Craven.


I have always heard,"Time flies when you’re having fun" (I have observed it passes just as fast if you are not having fun!)…


All evening requests were yelled out and singing-along was the order of the day. Laughter filled that room as everyone enjoyed the visit and the music. Manci’s food is good as well. I had the crispy shrimp wrap and it was divine!


It is a wonderful thing to have venues where you can eat good, laugh a lot and sing-along. Manci’s Antique Social Club in Daphne is the place to go in Baldwin County if you want casual dining with excellent food after a hard day at work…or after whatever day you have. They offer live music and some of the nicest wait staff around. While Manci’s is NOT a listening room for sure, it is a great place to gather, eat and have fun.


It was another wonderful night of music…

Thank you Eric Erdman for the great show!

Thank you to the waitstaff at Manci’s for your friendly service

Thank you to Garrett DeLuca for being Garrett DeLuca

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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