The Hussy Hicks from Australia return

July 14, 2018


The Listening Room hit the jackpot with The Hussy Hicks Friday night.


I will make an attempt to tell you how divine the show was, but words are far too

weak to do it justice…as they say, “You had to be there!”


I arrived early to guarantee myself safe parking in the adjacent lot. The owner, Jim Pennington, The Hussy Hicks and I were there. Sound check was the order of the moment and it was like a mini concert just for me. Once sound check was complete,The Hussy Hicks, Mona Merritt (great friend) and I joined more friends for dinner nearby at Von’s Bistro. Great visit and wonderful dinner…then we headed back to The Listening Room.


It was still almost an hour before the time the show would begin, yet the place was already packed. When we left to eat, ALL tables had reserved signs sitting on them with familiar names (and a few not so familiar names). I said to Jim, “I guess the extra chairs and sinner’s bench will fill up quickly as more people arrive”, he replied “No, most of those are also reserved. So if you arrived at Show Time, you were out of luck. Many people stood in the back, but Jim had to soon declare it SOLD OUT. 


We were the LUCKY ONES who arrived on time….you know they say “The early bird gets the worm”…Sadly sometimes the late ones go home hungry.


I have heard Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz (The Hussy Hicks) sing and play many times, but it will never be enough. I hope I hear them hundreds of times more. The kind of magic they offer an audience is the bearing of their souls and they proudly display it for us to see. More than anything else you FEEL it, you FEEL it deep inside, you want more. I have seen so many shows in my life but never had one touch me the way they do. It almost feels like their hearts are talking directly to my heart…and the communication is REAL.


When Leesa sings a song about blame or accepting that its “My Fault”…she gives her whole self to the process, you know she feels regret, she feels sadness deeply and it takes you along for that deep, dark ride of regret. Her voice is beautiful, just like her. It picks you up and thrashes you about to get your attention. WOW! I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to express what she can do to the audience. 


Julz Parker is hands down the best guitarist on this earth. I know you may doubt my words. I say there may be some her equal, but you will find NO ONE better than Julz. She has added to the show some intriguing sounds that she has preprogramed into her pedal system. She turns up the pick-ups in the guitar at one point and Lesa sings into the guitar which causes it to sling her voice, echoing and vibrating out to us as we sit with our jaws dropped, frozen and mesmerized by the whole thing. “Its My Fault”, “It’s My Fault” melodically screamed and echoing throughout the room made goose bumps cover me.  At the end of the song, Julz solemnly looked out at us and says “turns out it was her fault!” …that loosened the thick tension in the room and was a perfect ending for the unbelievable experience of that song.


The wonderful, super talent, Kristy Lee was in the audience (with Missy, and Kristy’s parents). She was called forward and provided back-up vocals for a song…a sweet treat for us all!


When the Hussy Hicks announced they were about to do their “Pirate Flag” song, my heart skipped a beat. I do love this one. Lesa spoke about the thinking behind this song and her words resonated deeply. She spoke of political issues in her homeland of Australia and it sounded just like she was talking about the USA.


Leesa gave what I consider to be a fabulous talk about the conditions of the day in

Australia. She said she is basically a liberal thinker but if she meets someone who is a staunch conservative, she is wide open to listen to their view point. However that is not true of the majority. The divide in her country is deep and wide when it comes to politics. There is pure hate and intolerance for a different point of view. It made her and Julz feel unwilling to support either political party and gave them the desire to sail off under “The Pirate Flag’.   Lesa then said, “Let’s all sail free as pirates!” Julz interrupted to explain “not the pillaging and raping pirates…the good ones!” So we all became happy pirates for a moment, carefree pirates who hold homage to no country…free of anger, free of hatred, FREE of governments that are not “FOR THE PEOPLE”…  the following lines were sung in harmonies that were beautiful… “So lets leave today, go on and pack your bags, Let’s set sail under the pirate flag”  “You are waiting…You are waiting… for something that may never come!”


In America I have watched politics change nice people into screaming, intolerant maniacs…and this song tells my story too. I wish to set sail under the Pirate Flag (good pirates of course). I too am greatly saddened by a divide that may never correct itself and return to the love we once had for one another, which allowed for healthy debate over issues.


Later Julz told of a new song I had not previously heard. “Three Rainbows”. She said they lost 3 great friends and she stepped out the door to see 3 Rainbows in the sky. What are the odds of that? She shared a deep understanding that those who left us behind are still with us, perhaps just in our hearts and minds but their spirits remain with us always. I related closely as I lost my husband last year and a few months later a friend I had for over 50 years. I carry them with me and hold them tightly. This song was touching and almost spiritual for me.


Virtually every song they sang last night had us rising from our seats and roaring with applause. This was the loudest applause I have ever heard and it was well deserved. Leesa and Julz don’t just sing and play, they jump right into the songs with everything they have inside. You can read their deep emotions and you can FEEL their souls as they perform.


Yes! This is what music is, this is what music does, this is my life, how lucky can a lady be?

Thank You to The Hussy Hicks for an unbelievable performance!

Thank You Jim Pennington and The Listening Room for again providing such a show

Thank You to the respectful, courteous, “listening” people who filled that room to capacity!

Juanita Smith

Music Mom






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