I saw The Dead Deads and I liked it!

August 2, 2018


I know The Grateful Dead…But the Dead Deads was something New


Could you be DEAD DEAD?

I arrived at the Denver Airport the afternoon of July 26th. My son Eric picked me up and he was excited to tell me that our dear friend Katie Herron (a great drummer) is in a new band and they are playing in a matter of minutes right here in Denver. “What do you think mom?”, he asked. I replied, “Let’s do it!”


Off we headed to the Ogden Theater in downtown Denver to watch a band called “The Dead Deads” .  He said, “You need to know they are a hard rock band, will you be ok with that?” Confused by that question, I looked his way and said…”I followed your Rock band for 15 years, I think I can make it through one more show!” 


We arrived and there it was on the marque…”The Dead Deads opening for Seether”.  Our tickets were at Will Call, we got right in without a problem (Katie knew we were coming).


The theater was obviously fabulous once upon a time. It now has lots of, shall we say, “personality” to deal with. The two-story ceiling was domed upward with ridges in support, (they were probably beautiful at one time). Over time lots of dust and smoke and funk of some sort had lingered in the building and clung together on the ceiling. All of this funk was now hanging in thick strips of whatever they were composed of. As I examined these hanging things it made me think of large caves I had toured that had stalactites hanging hither and yon. It was then that I noticed the immense amount of smoke in the room and the peculiar and distinctive odor it had. As everyone started moving and twisting and turning to the music; I joined in. I couldn’t help but wonder how much of that smoke I was “Second-hand” breathing and what sort of effect it might have. Everyone around me looked relaxed and happy, yet they had intense looks on their faces. Some reminded me of “the living dead” characters I’ve seen. I guessed at this point I must be one of them. Yet I felt so alive!


The lead singer had very long aqua-colored hair that she would sling into the air as she sang her intense lyrics of agonizing heartbreak. She wore a floor length white gauzy jacket that hung in strips. As she jumped and twisted, so did those strips of fabric and her hair. It made a show of its own that I was unable to tear myself away from. Then I noticed the beautiful blond standing to the right of the stage. She had fabulous thick blond hair that was pulled back on the left side and clipped with a large rose-colored flower. She wore a short, tight skirt and top and stacked heels. She played her bass with passion and intensity and her back-up vocals were perfect.


To the left of the stage stood the only male in the band. He played electric guitar and seemed quite content to be with such a band. I spoke to him after their show and he was a great guy.


Then there was Katie, our friend. She is the drummer. I love Katie, she has been to my house and I have heard her play many times in The Kristy Lee band and others. She is a master on those drums. She dressed all in black, even sporting a wide-brimmed black hat. Occasionally things would get so intense that she would stand and use every ounce of strength in her body to intensify the sound of those drums. She is tall and slim and gorgeous!


I remember one time when Katie played her drums on a stage at the local 1065 Concert. A young man said to me, “I’m in love with that drummer”. I said, “She is taken, so fall out of love”. He said “I can change her mind!”…young men have such courage.


After the show we hung around a bit and talked to everyone in the band except the lead singer who was pinned near the stage by many fans.


Katie told me they would be leaving shortly, headed for Salt Like City, Utah for their next show. Also they would have not one minute to rest or sleep before that next show….they would arrive, set up and play. It made me think about the life of a traveling musician, male or female matters not! My son, Eric Erdman, is a musician who travels a lot, has been constantly on the road for over 2 months, often missing sleep and often in a rush. It is the life they have made and though it can get weary, it is exhilarating and the adventure of a life time. 


Traveling musicians are not Dead-Deads, they are very much alive; yet sometimes they may feel dead dead for many reasons. This band is as alive as anyone could be. 


Of course all of this fun and music got me thinking about people I know who seem to be only existing. They are in a “rut” with little change and little excitement; sort of like “the walking dead”. I say stop right now and pinch yourself. If you felt that pinch, you are alive, you can do anything you desire. Your dreams are still there waiting for you, reach out and grab them!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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