Two Aussie women schooled us!

August 17, 2018

Callaghan’s presented The Hussy Hicks from Australia and wow what a presentation it was!


It was a Music-Lovers dream last night at Callaghan’s. Those who had heard The Hussy Hicks before were anxiously waiting for the show to begin. Those who had not heard them were equally anxious to hear them for the first time. NO ONE was disappointed!  What a night!


It was so full at Callaghan’s that people were peeping around corners from the secondary dining area and hallway, as well as through the open windows from outside. Many were standing inside and outside just to experience this magic.


Leesa Gentz, the primary vocalist in The Hussy Hicks sings with more depth of feeling than anyone I have seen or heard, bar none. She feels every emotion the lyrics dictate; for me it is as though the pain of that emotion in her song is expressed as deep and moving as a person can experience. I have never seen a vocalist who can force you to fully understand the depth of what her words are saying. Leesa uses her facial expressions and her voice control, to control our hearts. WOW! Leesa, just WOW! She and Julz Parker (the other half of The Hussy Hicks) are absolutely natural born music makers. Julz is a world-class, unbelievably talented guitarist and an exceptional vocalist. They can make you think a full band is playing and people look around to see where all that music is coming from when they only see two ladies on the stage. The Hussy Hicks know how to fill all the spaces around them with sound and not just sound, they fill it with fabulous, harmonious sounds that will soothe your very soul!


This show had gifts that kept on giving. The Hussy Hicks are close friends with Kristy Lee and Eric Erdman, both of which have toured with them through the US as well as in Australia and Europe. They called on Kristy to come up and the 3 of them did one of Kristy’s songs. “Secret” is the name of this song and I personally LOVE it. It is exciting, the lyrics beckon you with these words… “unguard your heart and run to me”…..”RUN, RUN, RUN”. ….(It goes on to say), “I know a secret, I’m not sure I can keep it. I will knock on your door and lay you down on the living room floor.”


Now if those lyrics and that delivery don’t stir something in you…you are no longer amongst the living! You might be Dead, Dead if you are not feeling that song.


Later Eric Erdman was called up to join them to play one of his originals as well. They played a lively song based on the story in a book written by Judith Richards. The book is called “Summer Lightning”. This song is so uplifting, so full of spunk and spirit that sitting still is just not an option. You have to be moving something or patting something or swaying…No LIVE person can just sit still for this song, “Take Wing”….it calls for some masterful guitar picking that Eric and Julz have the right skill-set to handle. The music of this song is matched with the story of a young free-spirited boy in the Okefenokee Swamps. It will wake you and fill you with hope for a day of truly LIVING your life!


The Hussy Hicks went on to play more of their fabulous music. One of my very favorites is “The Pirate Flag”. It is the story of the disappointment they feel from the actions or inactions of their government. Decisions are made and laws enacted that hurt the people and the environment and the unforgivable things it is doing to the common man (and woman) in their part of the world. It sounds pretty familiar to me as they explain. We all have a voice, but musicians have an outlet that allows them to use that voice to reach the masses and say….”This is not right”…they may even say…I no longer want to fly under your flag…I think I will fly under a pirate flag. Listen to these words from the song:

“History books are written by crooks”….Let’s leave today, go on and pack your bags, Let’s set sail under the pirate flag. You are waiting, you are waiting for something that may never come!”


Those are powerful words. Look this song up “Pirate Flag by The Hussy Hicks”, watch it on Youtube…it is remarkable.


Pirate Flag is only one of their songs, all of which touch me to my soul. They speak to my heart and mind. I am sure you will feel the same, if you search for them and listen, truly listen to their message. Some are relationship songs, and almost anyone who has ever been in a relationship can relate to their story. I often think they wrote it just for me and my experiences in life. 


As a finale they had Kristy Lee and Eric Erdman come back up and join them for a rousing round of “Whole Lotta”….it says “There’s a whole lotta good things going on!” 

I agree with that assessment. Too often we superior creatures of this earth tend to only see the bad. I think you need to see the bad and the good…but some cling only to the bad things…don’t let that be you. It will suck the joy (the good) from you.


What a profound talent they have to be able to sing so many songs that cause you to fully understand and to feel personally involved.


That, my friend, is TALENT beyond measure….TALENT in two wonderful creatures, who are beautiful people…Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz (The Hussy Hicks).


Thank you JT (John Thompson) of Callaghan’s for having The Hussy Hicks play for us.

Thank you Kristy Lee and Eric Erdman for adding extra beautiful sound to the show.

Thank you to the audience that enjoyed every minute of this wonderful performance.

Note: (Some talked way too loud and we had to SHHHHhhhhhh! a lot, I can’t thank them).


It was a show to remember for a long time…I thank The Hussy Hicks for being who they are!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom







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