Books, Drinks, and Music, Oh My

August 28, 2018

If ever there was a perfect place for a nerd like me, it would be a quaint little bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama. I could just move in and be perfectly happy. This book store with great personality is located at 32 S. Section St, Fairhope, Alabama and I suggest you check it out. They offer the best books that come out, most published by independent publishers and displayed in a way you just want to take em home with ya.


This is a bookstore plus a whole lot more. They bring in authors who will personally sign your book, will discuss it with you and read excerpts if you choose. They offer music several days a week in the back room that is set up to seat you in comfort. Included in this wonderful bookstore is a quaint, friendly coffee shop. If coffee is not your thing, just a few steps away, in the music area there is a full bar that offers a big array of libations served by the nicest people you could ever meet. 


This place also occasionally brings in a touring art-music-book show called TRIO to entertain. A wonderfully talented author, publisher, entrepreneur created TRIO in a moment of brilliance. Her name is Shari Smith and she currently lives in Boone, North Carolina. She travels the states with her hand-picked authors, artists and musicians. TRIO is an exceptional program that pulls together an author with a new book about to be released; the book is given to a visual artist and a songwriter. The artist and songwriter read the book and create a work or art and a song that represents that book. It makes for a one-of-a-kind show and the joining of my favorite things…art, books and music.


The area in the back of Page & Palette where the music and bar are located is called The Book Cellar.


Last night I was there with my son Eric Erdman. Eric is a musician who works at his craft every waking hour. He was the Monday night featured artist at The Book Cellar for the month of August. The place was as packed as I have ever seen it. Everyone was eager to hear him sing, play and tell his stories that surround his songs and his travels. 


He was joined by Molly Thomas on a few songs and she is an extraordinary talent. Molly plays guitar and she plays violin. She also sings with the voice of an angel. I could watch her and listen to her every minute that remains in my life and be perfectly happy. I totally “get” Molly and she is a powerful magnet that pulls me in every time I am anywhere near her stage. Her songs are well constructed and beautifully delivered, what more could you want from an artist.


Eric Erdman also has a repertoire of songs that are masterful and he could play his original tunes for 8 hours straight and never run out. Yet he still writes nearly every day stacking up more and more music. I know his music and even I have trouble remembering all of his songs. He has hundreds and hundreds of them. I love them all (well ok there may be one or two that don’t thrill me). But 99% of them grab my heart and give it a yank; exactly what songs are suppose to do. Eric loves life and he loves to entertain. He is a kind soul that is constantly on the go with his music; I travel with him when I can and go to any and all shows that are in reasonable driving distance. I don’t want to miss a thing.


Last night was definitely a crowd pleaser at The Book Cellar, located in Page & Palette Book Store in Fairhope. Many people hung around and talked about the show and expressed how much they enjoyed it. To me it was everything a singer/songwriter show needs to be…entertaining and great FUN!

Thank you Eric Erdman for a show well delivered

Thank you Molly Thomas for adding your brilliance to the performance

Thank you Page & Palette, The Book Cellar, owner Karin Wolff Wilson for all that you do

Juanita Smith

Music Mom

                    (pictured below Eric Erdman and Karin Wolff Wilson)




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