The Marlow Boys Can't be Beat!

August 30, 2018

To anyone who is not a music lover, it seems peculiar when I say, for example, “I’m going to see The Marlow Boys play tonight!” …The friend who is a non-music person replies, “I thought you already heard them before!”


People who do not follow local music are foreign to me. They don’t speak my language.


1. Do you only listen to a song once, then you are done?



2.   Do you love songs and play them over, and over, and over until the lyrics are burned into your brain because you LOVE it?  


If you picked number one, you will never understand me and my love for music!


Tonight I was privileged to hear one of the best bands ever to come out of Mobile, Alabama. They are “The Marlow Boys”. And YES, I already heard them before! Let me introduce them to you:
Phil Proctor- lead guitar extraordinaire, mandolin, acoustic guitar and vocals (lead, back up)

Stan Foster- Bass, vocals (lead, back up)

Karl Langley- Drums, vocals (lead, back up)

Joe Langley - LEAD VOCALS(and back up)-acoustic guitar, laptop steel guitar, harmonica, banjo


You won’t find that much talent on one stage in Hollywood or New York City, but you will find it at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, Alabama on the last Wednesday of each month.


Most of their show is original tunes (written by them); but they aren't ashamed or shy about playing a cover now and then.

When Karl Langley leads the vocals on “Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan, I am mesmerized. He sings it perfectly, his band members back him up perfectly. On top of everything else, he looks like the coolest dude ever when he sings that. You can just tell he is into that song and is believing what he is laying down.


Another of my favorites is “Used to Do Me Right”. It is so much fun to sing-along with…. “You used to do me right baby, now all you do is do me wrong”. Those are words everyone can relate to and truly FEEL. I saw a knowing look in many eyes as I looked around the room when that song was being presented.


To me, Karl Langley can do no wrong. I love how he sings, I love how he moves and he is absolutely one of the best drummers I have ever watched (and I have seen MANY).  I was sitting way too close to the band tonight, but that was the seat my friends held for me. I felt a little awkward but very appreciative to have such a “front row” seat.  When Karl began singing “Gonna Be Alright”, I could not sit still. He nailed that song to the ceiling with his vocals.


Joe played marvelously on all of his instruments and his voice is superb. Of course I can’t leave out Stan Foster and Phil Proctor, they were on their A-game tonight as well. Joe sang his song to his daughter “Kate” and that one gets me every time. 


There was a time when I looked closely to see if Phil’s guitar was going to start smoking because he sure was setting the place on fire with it.  Stan Foster is the easy going guy who stands there working his bass guitar with little effort and then singing with his bass voice at times…he is a deep bass guy through and through. The bass is the anchor that holds things together and keeps the song under control, Stan has that mastered.


If you want to hear some real music, music that makes you FEEL, music that makes you tap your feet, clap your hands and wiggle in your seat because it is impossible not to; look for The Marlow Boys. They know where its at for sure! Every single song they presented to us last night at Callaghan’s was superbly written and played. No one could ask for more from a band than the kind of entertainment these wonderful musicians gave us. Check out The Marlow Boys, buy their music and shirts. Not only are they all extremely talented and good looking, they are the nicest guys ever!


Thank you to Callaghan’s for bringing this music in for us to enjoy (Thanks JT)

Thank you to The Marlow Boys for being The Marlow Boys, you are divine!

Thank you to the audience who loved every minute

Thank you to the wonderful waitstaff at Callaghan’s for your kindness


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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