Molly and Amelia at The Listening Room

September 30, 2018

It was Saturday night in Mobile. Two wonderful ladies were going to be entertaining us at The Listening Room in Mobile. It was the wonderful Molly Thomas and her friend most of us were not familiar with, her name is Amelia White.


Amelia came down from Nashville to join Molly for the show. She and Molly are great friends and have written some songs together. As a matter of fact one of my very favorite songs was one they wrote as a team….”SHARONA.”


If you are not familiar with that song or with Molly Thomas, you must google it and listen. I have often said, in my opinion a song should make you smile, make you cry or make you ask yourself why? In other words songs should evoke FEELINGS…if they don’t make you feel or make you think….they missed the audience. 


“Sharona” is the story of a woman who is hooked on drugs. She has lost herself somehow along the way. Those who see her know she is sick and hurting but they do not know what caused her to be like this? Others can only speculate. Some will pity her, some will have great compassion for her, still others will look down on her like she is less than human. The character in this song is based on a real life person. No one could help her. The job of getting off drugs was hers alone, until she can make the decision to get well, she cannot be helped back to health.


Though I have never used drugs and cannot fully understand her plight. I can feel her emotion of feeling alone, feeling like you are less of a person than others around you and feeling you don’t deserve to be happy…I feel Sharona’s emptiness and I hurt for her. 

That my friends is what a song should be.


These two ladies deserved a much bigger audience. They should have been playing in an auditorium filled up from wall to wall. Those of us who were there were very happy to be there. Their songs are thought provoking and about real life, real emotions. Every eye in the room was riveted to the stage and every ear was tuned to these musicians who had come to entertain us. 


Even a sad song can lift you up. You may be able to relate to the lyrics personally or in an empathetic way. If a song stirs you and makes you feel for the character in that song or even for yourself and your own plight…it has done its job.


All of Molly’s songs and Amelia’s songs are deep in words that make you think. 


I have learned over the years that we all interpret lyrics in our own way. A song may say one thing to you but it may say a totally different thing to me. That is what its all about. It is speaking to us as a group and individually.  Many times we interpret a song differently than how the songwriter intended. Thats ok too, If it is deep enough to make you feel and think…it is a good song.  Molly’s song “Tear it Down” touches me. It is about a wonderful elderly black man who has lived through the worse times of being treated like a second class citizen. He is a real person Molly met and befriended. He has known the struggle, not just a struggle to survive and feed his family but to hold his head up and know he is equal to everyone regardless of his skin. One line in the song says “White man’s dog eats better as his grandbabies are sucking on sugar”… that line gives me chills. The chorus beckons “Tear it Down”…referring to that invisible wall that divides us as a people. There should be no wall between us. It is time to tear it down.  


If this song does not make you THINK, maybe you should pinch yourself to make sure you are alive.


I was not familiar with Amelia’s songs. She played a song called “Dangerous Angel” that made goosebumps on me. Also “Rhythm in the Rain” was great. You should google Amelia White, for a treat. Amelia played a song about a time when she lived at home with her parents…then she told that she had recently lost her father. Her mother passed a few months before him. Her parents were married 70 years and immediately after her mother passed, her father got himself a girlfriend…she said he was such a romantic.


Amelia sang a song near the end of the night called “Madeline”. She was writing with another songwriter who said he was in love with a girl named Madeline….she said “that’s nice”. Then he smiled and said, “Madeline was my babysitter!”she remarked, “Great, I love miss-matched love!” It was a great song.


These two ladies put on quite a performance for us and we gave them a standing ovation as they bowed in appreciation. Every person in that room last night left entertained, left with smiles on their faces. That is what a show should be….a maker of smiley faces!


I thank Molly and Amelia for their wonderful performance

I thank Jim Pennington of The Listening Room for making it happen

I thank the wonderful audience who loved every minute


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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