The Currys = Perfection in my book!

October 6, 2018

Music soothes a restless soul. That is true. I will take it a step further; music soothes the soul (that means all of us, restless or stilled).


Last night was one for the records. Joe and Sue Sweeney had yet another fabulous House Party at their beautiful home…sometimes referred to as Sweeney’s Saloon. It is one of those places where everybody knows your name…or do they?… 

We had name tags…Here’s mine…..


The Sweeney’s know how to do a house concert up right. Great food, plenty of drinks…lavish deserts and rules of behavior for all of us heathens who came. I tried my best to comply with all the rules at Sweeney’s Saloon…hopefully I did.


The stars of the evening were a wonderful band presented to us all for the first time by Joe and Sue Sweeney…..

THE CURRYS! Three gorgeous young men with beautiful voices harmonizing like angels…how could you NOT love that? They were very  skilled musicians. I noticed they switched around occasionally and could each play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar….One played mandolin as well and then there was one who played the kazoo!


We met Galen, Jimmy and Tommy…The Currys and I don’t believe there was a person in the room that did not appreciate this fabulous band. We were told this was their very first gig in Alabama! So I say we were a part of history! No doubt this will not be their last gig in Alabama if we have any say in it…(and we do). Every eye in that room was laser beamed on these three guys. We wondered what they would do next, what would they say next and who would be playing which instrument. There was a lot going on in the stage area …and it was ALL GOOD!


The voices of these three musicians are the best instruments of all. I absolutely love three part harmonies and they nailed it every time. 


I must say this band is the total package….they are natural musicians, it is in their blood for sure. Their voices are magic together and their banter back and forth and stories they tell keeps the audience listening closely for whatever they may utter next. An audience could not ask for more in a performance than what The Currys delivered last night.


I loved every song they played; that does not usually happen but it did with these guys.


Look for their new Cd coming out soon…they have a crowd-funding campaign now and could use your help funding all of the costs that are involved in the process of getting the CD to you. For details about their music, or about how to buy it, or how to book them and for you to help them with this effort to get more of their wonderful music out to you…google and all of the details will be provided there. Order the new CD early and you can get it before Christmas(ahead of the rest of the world!), plus that helps them defray some of the cost in the process.


I promise you these guys are worth whatever you spend on their merchandise or for the crowd-funded campaign for the new CD…and they will give you a free sticker (unless they are out of them again!)


Thank you again Sweeneys for introducing us to such an exceptional band

Thank you The Currys for being an exceptional band and great guys

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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