The Marlow Boys have "IT"

October 14, 2018

The Marlow Boys are something special. I say the best band that has come out of Mobile in a long long time. There are four members and each holds up his end of the bargain. They are all four born musicians; it runs in their veins and makes them who they are. Also, in my opinion there are no finer people than the members of this band.


When they were setting up for the show and doing sound check, I watched and I wanted to pinch myself. How did little ole me get to be so lucky to know such people and even have conversations with them and feel like I am a friend of theirs. It makes my heart swell just to be in their presence.


When Jim Pennington introduced them he compared them to The Eagles. They all gave looks of “wow that is such a compliment, we probably aren’t THAT good.”  My response to that is,….YOU ARE EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS THE EAGLES IN SOME WAYS YOU ARE BETTER!  I am a huge Eagles fan and it is easy for me to say that! Wake up Marlow Boys, you know you’ve got it. You have the “IT” factor. Many bands have the talent, some have a little less talent but they have charisma, YOU HAVE IT ALL!


I can say this—- no finer music has been played inside these four walls in the years I have attended shows here!. Trust me, I have seen some fabulous music in The Listening Room, none better than The Marlow Boys.


I feel myself getting all tingly when they start a song I am familiar with and I silently sing along. (I must do my singing only in my head because, if it comes out of my mouth it is a screeching, off key mess!) I am not a person who can sit still while listening to good music…I MUST move. Often I stand at the counter in the back or off and on sit on a stool there…this allows me to move without disturbing others. I have no choice but to move to their music!


Long after I was in bed last night I was replaying words from their music such as, “You used to do me right baby, now all you do is do me wrong”……”its four in the morning and I’m half way home”….”Love me, why don’t ya love me”….


If you have a heart beat and if you can breathe; and if you have any hearing left…you can’t help but LOVE  this band. Off stage and On stage these guys are a treasure.

Look them up, buy their music, you can thank me later. The Marlow Boys!



Thank you Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile for a great place to HEAR music

Thank you The Marlow Boys for being so fabulous

Thank you Donna Hall Foster for your beautiful presence and for singing a tune or two

Thank you to the audience who came to support this place and this fabulous music


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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