October 18, 2018


The Listening Room of Mobile, 78 St Francis St, Mobile, Alabama presents Troubadours Live (an expanded version of Unhand The Monster Podcast)…Brilliant idea.


I feel so privileged to have been able to attend this unique show. There is a local genius named Ferrill Gibbs; he is an excellent musician who performs solo and with his full band “All The Kimonos”.  Solo, duo or full band, either way,  Ferrill is an exceptional talent.


Not so long ago Ferrill started a podcast that is growing and spreading like a wildfire on a windy day. He is a remarkable interviewer that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. From what I have observed of his podcast series, I would say Ferrill is a natural at organizing and orchestrating podcast interviews. 


Now his plan is to expand this original podcast to a Live show that will take place at the Bernheim Hall Theater located in the Main Library in downtown Mobile. It is exciting to me just to know this is going to happen and it will be available for all of us to attend. 


Staring in January, the second Monday in each month there will be a live show as each episode of "Unhand the Monster: Troubadours Live" is performed. These shows will be available to the public at no charge and with the choice of Mondays there should be very little competition or interference with other events.


This podcast series has proven to be fascinating. We already feel that we know our local musicians well, but do we really? We know some things about them but we can learn so much more via “Unhand The Monster: Troubadours Live”. It allows us to get in their head and know what their thought process is as they create a new song. It allows us to learn what they enjoy doing when they are not creating music. We may even learn what they would do if music was ever taken from them.


My understanding is that many regional acts will be presented this first season of the filming of Troubadours Live. Later there will be national acts as well. 

Tonight’s show at The Listening Room is the Pilot for the whole thing. It was kicked off with two of the most coveted and loved singer/songwriter musicians in the Mobile area…Ross Newell and Eric Erdman.


There was a room full of fans who were riveted to that stage as Ferrill Gibbs and Abe Partridge interviewed Ross and Eric. Greg Deluca served as sound man and made sure the recording was the best possible.  


During this show there was laughter and there was roaring applause. The show ended with Ross, Eric and Ferrill singing three-part harmony on an Eagle’s song, “Seven Bridges Road”  These guys did not rehearse this, they had not performed this, Ferrill handed Eric and Ross a copy of the lyrics and said he would like to join them in this song. Suddenly they began singing it and mouths dropped throughout that room. It was absolutely fabulous!


Once again, Ferrill is a genius…he picked a perfect tune and the three of them were stellar.


This evening could not have been better.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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