Such an Angel, Laurie Anne (LA)

October 28, 2018

Last night I had the honor to hear Laurie Anne Armour (LA) play solo at the listening room. She held our full attention the entire night. Her songs are not mushy songs about lollipops and such. The lyrics of Laurie Anne’s songs are driven from the soul….they seem to rush from her soul straight into ours. Many of her songs strike a personal nerve because we have all felt love in our lives, we have all felt pain and emptiness too.


What is it that you ask of a song? Do you want music to lift you up and excite you so much that you simply must dance? Do you want music to brighten your mood and make you smile? Do you want a song to drag your soul upward until you want to shout and celebrate your very existence? Do you want a song to express your heartbreak right out loud so everyone can see how it feels to be broken? Do you want it to calm you and help you to rest at the end of the day? As for me, I want all those things.


Laurie Anne is a soft spoken angel who walks this earth. You can feel her kindness and her strength when she approaches you to talk. How excited I am just to talk to her. She believes in helping her fellow man who needs help. She works for a place called Housing First, helping homeless people get a roof over their heads. I love talking to her about this work and watching her face light up as she remembers and relives cases where she helped someone. I saw tears well up in her eyes as she spoke of the devastation and pain she has witnessed over the years while being a social worker and she is now an advocate for those who are down and out (literally).


When Laurie Anne takes the stage, she brings it all with her. She does not just put on a stage mask and say “hi”. She brings her whole self to the stage for all to see. Laurie Anne has nothing to hide. She lets you know who she is and who she is……is Amazing!


This young musician has wonderful parents who have taught her how to be who she has become. She has confidence, she has talent, she has great charm and she is a spiritual being with great depth to her soul. She sang a song last night that she co-wrote with her father Smitty and every one in the room was riveted to that performance; we needed to hear every word. She also sang a song that tells of a young girl seeking relationship advice from her mother. “Take your time” is a great message in that song. So often we tend to rush through our relationships and our lives.


My favorite song of hers is “Bless the Soul” It resonates with me deeply as I have been broken and I do know the pain. In addition to my own pain, I have witnessed many souls that are suffering. I currently volunteer to visit with people who are terminally ill (and alone). I listen to the stories of their lives. I talk to people in depth about their broken lives and broken hearts. The lyrics in this song make me cry. That is a good thing. A song should make you FEEL and if it makes you cry…you are feeling it to your core.


“Bless the soul that’s been broken. Hear the cries of her pain, bless the soul that’s been broken, set it free to live again.”…She’ll wander through the darkness until her light comes down….Bless the soul that’s been broken, hear the cries of her pain.”


Laurie Anne Armour has an EP available, it’s called “Ebb & Flow”. Do yourself a favor, go to one of her shows, pick up her EP and take it home with you. Your life will be better for it.


Thank you Jim Pennington for what you do….for The Listening Room…and the love

Thank you Laurie Anne Armour for such an inspiring show

Thank you to the courteous, loving audience who enjoyed every minute

Thank you for Annie (the beautiful dog) for showing us how to behave


Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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