Talented Men at The Listening Room

November 5, 2018

Take a stage and put these guys on it: Gene Murrell, Scott Morlock, David White…then 

add special guest Chip Herrington and you have yourself a great evening of entertainment.

That’s exactly what happened last night at The Listening Room of Mobile.


David White is one of the best drummers I have ever heard. He had one of those packaged electronic drum kits. I believe it was my first time to see one of those kits played at a live show. It was the perfect setup for the limited space and they sounded great. I absolutely loved watching David’s facial expressions as he played…he is a cool guy!


The multi-talented duo of Gene Murrell and Scott Morlock was wonderful. Gene played a 

12-string acoustic guitar to start off the show, then he played a 6-string acoustic. By the end of the night he had also played bass guitar, and keyboard as well as singing lead vocals and backup vocals. He was a busy man.

Scott totally blew my mind when I watched him play bass guitar with his left hand while playing keyboard with his right! It was amazing to watch!


It was my first time to see these guys in years. I have wonderful memories of the days they brought the house down every time they played dueling pianos at their piano bar. Most nights it was hard to get in the door to see them.


For me the icing on the cake last night was when special guest, Chip Herrington joined them on that stage. He is a classy guy. He played several songs with the band but my personal favorite was when he played his trumpet and also sang “Wichita Lineman”. I have always thought his trumpet playing was fabulous; but that voice…WOW!  I was screaming, play that sexy muted trumpet before you leave the stage!!! (Of course I was saying that in my head, after all it is a Listening room!). Maybe next time his 5 piece plays at the Listening Room I will say it out loud at an appropriate time…(like before the show begins).


The very first song of the evening this duo of Murrell and Morlock did, was about a problem relationship, something everyone is familiar with. The chorus says, “The look that’s in your eyes is not the same as when we started.”


Scott told about sitting in a hotel one night when he was in the midst of recording an album, in Ft Wayne, Indiana. He looked up and saw the picture most of us have seen at one time or another. It is a beach scene with one set of footsteps and a story that reveals there was only one set because you were being carried by Christ in your time of sorrow and despair. He was inspired by that idea and wrote his song “Carry Me”…I must say it was beautiful!


These two men were born to sing together; their voices are a perfect match. They also seem to be great friends. That never hurts the situation when you work together or play together.


My favorite from Gene Murrell was introduced by him as a time when he made the conscious decision to SIN. That statement piqued our interest. The song was called “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. I thought it was marvelous.


I left The Listening Room smiling. I suspect everyone else did as well. If you can go to a performance and leave content; then the show did what it was suppose to do.


These talented gentlemen (all 4 of them) are natural entertainers and I love it when a group comes together like that. If you ever see an advertisement with these men on it..check the date and make your plans….it will not disappoint!


Thank you once again Jim Pennington for booking this group for us to enjoy

Thank you Gene Murrell, Scott Morlock, David White and Chip Herrington for a great show!

Thank you to the fabulous audience that filled the room and loved every minute.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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