November 10, 2018



It was Thursday, November 8, there I was at Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, enjoying a nice bowl of gumbo and waiting for three great musicians to take the stage. The time finally arrived and I watched as they took there places. Eric Erdman on the left, Courtney Patton in the middle and Jason Eady on the right…my heart was on fire with excitement. 


I had seen Eric and Jason live a time or two; but it was my very first time to see Courtney. Of course I have listened to her wonderful music but until this moment, I had not had the pleasure of seeing her perform live.

What a thrill it was to hear and watch Courtney. Her songs are about real life experiences. They are real love driven and so relatable. You can listen to her powerful voice and watch that beautiful smile of hers as she sings and it makes you feel like she is your friend. 


I believe every song is heard differently by the  listener. The words may not even be interpreted the way the artist intended it; but it speaks to people with a message that’s personal to them.


“So This is Life” is a song that grabbed me. Let me share some of the lyrics of this song. (its about a couple that tried to do all the right things) “So this is life when you get lost in a fairytale…. They need different things, its evident all they share is what they spent on trying.” 


“Twelve Days” is her song about being alone while her husband is on the road. It says, “your side of the bed seems to hate that I’m alone”…(this is a sweet, yearning song that describes the emotion of being away from someone who makes your life feel complete…I love it).


I have heard many ladies sing in my life but Courtney’s voice has a strength and a character that holds me and I don’t want her songs to ever end. You must check out her music if you don’t already have it.


Jason Eady (a lucky man…married to Courtney Patton) is a wonderful country music singer, songwriter. He is a really nice guy. Like Courtney, Jason’s music is down-to-earth, salty, messages about life. Things that are relatable to most.


“Downturn” is a song Jason co-wrote with Adam Hood. It is making quite a stir; there is a write-up in Rolling Stone Magazine about it. This song is about the ups and downs in a relationship…and for me, the basic message is any change is better than no change at all. One line speaks to me it says “Running in circles beats the hell out of sinking in sand.” It speaks of their relationship being up and down and like a merry-go-round…I know I find that to be familiar.

Adam Hood recorded it on his newest CD and it is really getting a lot of attention. If you haven’t heard it…check it out.


I also enjoyed Jason’s song “Always a Woman”. He says “I seen a lot in my life and there’s one thing I’ve come to know, there is only one thing can put that kind of look on a man….It’s Always a Woman.”  He goes on to say, “there is only one thing between the devil and a man, its always a woman.”



Eric Erdman started off with a song from his first solo CD “Brothers Keepers”…its a song titled “If Alabama is not good enough for you.” The crowd loved it. He also sang a couple of new songs that have not yet been released. One very new one titled “Before it ever was sipped” (written by Eric Erdman, Lindsey Thompson and Tim Jackson). This song tells the story of a relationship from beginning to the end. It is well crafted and has many fans asking to hear it again… He also played “Horizon”(written by Eric Erdman and David Saw), which tells the story of being on the road away from the love of your life and the emotion both of them go through. It is the story of a strong connection that holds them close and secure, knowing each is “all we ever want”…I love this. Eric also played a song he wrote for an art project called TRIO that connects a songwriter, an author and a visual artist.. The artist and the songwriter are tasked to read this book and create a piece in their own medium that represents the book. He wrote “Take Wing” based on a Judith Richards book titled “Summer Lightning”. It is the story of a wild, rambunctious 6 year old boy growing up in the Okeechobee swamp. Get that book and read it, its one of the best I have ever read. This song will likely be included on Eric’s next CD.


Well there ya have it. It was a great show with three very talented individuals. For me it was a shining star for the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival.

Check out the festival, it continues all this upcoming week through November 18th…don’t miss out on all this wonderful music.



Thank you Courtney Patton for making my day with your beautiful talent.

Thank you Jason Eady for your wonderful music 

Thank you Eric Erdman for your beautiful songs 


Juanita Smith

Music  Mom




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