The World According to YOU!

November 23, 2018


It was Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving when most of us are still cooking and preparing for the biggest EATING day of the year. But this evening had much more going on than food and Thanksgiving.


It was the presentation of “The World According to:_________” at The Listening Room of Mobile. And the person who would be honored with a Q & A session was a real hard working, mover and shaker in our city named Lynn Henderson Oldshue. Lynn is the busiest person in the area and she has an Agenda for GOOD. 


She has lit the fire for all of us to warm ourselves. We can feel warm inside as we help those who may be less fortunate or just down on their luck. We can feel warmth as we reach out to welcome others who may be a different culture or may look different than us. We can sleep at night knowing what we did today contributed to making it a better place for everyone. All of this warmth covers us like a blanket as we try to find purpose in our lives. 


Lynn Oldshue has the widest view of life I have ever witnessed. She sees those who are hurting or mistreated, or those that are downtrodden and she rolls up her sleeves. Then she gets a hundred others to roll up there sleeves. She motivates us to join her in doing the work needed to help make people whole again.


She is the light we are willing to follow through the darkness to find our way home. I believe in Lynn and her causes and I see into her soul as she makes her way in this place that can sometimes be cruel. Her desire to stamp out hate and inject love makes me so proud she is my friend.


The World According To Lynn Oldshue was magnificent. It was moderated by David Calametti. David has fresh ideas when it comes to an interview. He pulls 4-letter words (i.e. Love, Gift, Risk) and the person being interviewed expounds on those words. Then he moves on as he says “tell us about…” to allow the person to express themselves however they may choose.


Finally he opens the floor to questions from the audience.  I personally think it is brilliance at work to present it this way and it makes for a fuller view of the person being questioned. Bravo David Calametti.


Immediately after the Q & A was completed there was a very brief break and then the fabulous Ross Newell took the stage and sang his songs to us for an hour and a half. He, of course, was stellar. I have known him for many years and he has been the same genuine, great, talented guy from the first minute I laid eyes on him. Ross is not just a singer/songwriter, not just a great guy; he is a natural entertainer who pours his heart out to us. He bares his soul with his music and you can clearly see love consumes him. He shares this love with us in every song. Ross Newell is an inspiration for us all. 


He had just returned two days earlier from a wonderful tour that took him to Ireland and he was still wearing the enthusiasm from that trip when he stepped to the microphone at The Listening Room. What a show Ross gave us, of course, he always does that. Great guy!


Again Jim Pennington has set the bar mighty high. He has come up with a great program where once a month he honors an interesting person from our area in a sit-down session with a moderator (usually David Calametti). Everyone gets to know the honored person better! Immediately following this session there is spectacular music for 90 minutes plus. What a night of entertainment it makes.


Thanks again to Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile

Thanks for selecting me (Juanita Smith) to be honored Oct 12, with the first of these shows!

Thanks to Lynn Henderson Oldshue for being her spectacular self.

Thanks to David Calametti for a wonderful 3-tiered interview that is consuming and fun

Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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