What is Haint Blue?

December 3, 2018


I looked it up to be certain and I learned it is the unique light colored blue that you often see on beach houses, beach condos and sometimes right here in town (we are a city on the water after all). It started out being the favorite color for the ceilings of porches in the southland of the US. But it has migrated to the entire outside of the house in many cases. I think it is a light fresh color and it makes me happy.


Last night my son Eric Erdman played his first gig at Haint Blue Brewing Company in Mobile. It is located at 806 Monroe Street in Mobile, Alabama. If I had to choose one word to describe this place it would be “UNIQUE”. 


You might notice by the accompanying picture that the decor certainly lends itself to that description. We have a wonderful musician, artist in our midst named Abe Partridge. He painted the huge murals on the walls of Haint Blue Brewing and they also adapted their beer glasses with samplings of his paintings. 


I must tell you that one day a while back, Abe walked into The Listening Room (where he plays regularly) and he said, “Hey this feller who owns a new brewery that’s fixin’ to open; well he has asked me to paint a mural for him!” Abe said, “I’m shocked but also honored that he thought of me to do it!” We all congratulated him and there was a high-five here and there.  


When I walked into Haint Blue last night and found a seat, I looked up and saw his artwork all over the wall from the floor to the ceiling; it appears he didn’t want to miss a spot. It was perfectly done just like everything Abe does. I checked out every single inch of it, I didn’t want to miss a thing in his pictures….I found it to be fascinating.


Now to the music of Eric Erdman. The place was full of music fans, beer fans and new people who were curious about it all. Eric started off and finished up with the plan of allowing the audience to dictate what he would play. His first 4 songs were from his first solo CD and they have always been crowd pleasers. He has so many songs now, he doesn’t get back to those on a regular basis, so I enjoyed the visit with some of my old favorites. 


Though it was at times loud with people saying hey to one another and catching up since last they saw each other, it was still a very attentive crowd. The vast majority of those in attendance were there to hear Eric Erdman….while enjoying this new, refreshing brew offered by a relatively new place in town.


I saw friends I had not seen in a while and a few relatives as well. Many sat outside (doors were open so the music could reach them). The seats were filled inside and many were standing. 

I’m not a drinker so I can’t say how the beer was personally, but I watched as others enjoyed it and made the decision it was mighty good! I loved it when I saw Robby Thompson smiling big, across the room holding a drink in his hand that was HAINT blue in color with a white froth on top!


One thing wonderful about music is that it draws people together. It helps them forget their troubles for a short while. They relaxed, smiled and some even felt the need to get up and wiggle. Dana Sprinkle danced like she had ants in her pants…She had herself a ball and entertained us all. How wonderful it is to see someone so moved by music. Probably most people there would have loved to get up and move to the music but only Dana had the courage!


Eric played some of his songs that we always love to sing-along with… There were times the whole space inside Haint Blue was filled wall to wall with our voices shouting, screaming, singing the words to his songs. I glanced outside through the open glass doors and some familiar faces outside were singing too!


Eric has a very new song, that is truly a country song and he chose to sing it last night. I believe it is the first time he sang it in public. It has a bridge in the middle that requires the audience to scream the words…and everyone was accommodating last night. The words are as follows:

“Buck-Ass Naked in the Woods!” …it is twice those words are screamed (back-to-back). I must say this new song seems to be liked by all who heard it.


In review I would like to say, I am glad I had an opportunity to go to Haint Blue Brewing Company last night. The beer was exceptional, the artwork was exceptional, the music was exceptional, the crowd was exceptional…it could not have been better.


P.S. The employees were more than exceptional, especially my niece Bailey!


Go to Haint Blue Brewing Company. It is a new company that is growing quickly. It is a place to relax, have a brew and make friends. Music is offered there on the week ends (I am not certain of their music schedule but you can check them out online to get more details).

I met one of the owners, Keith at Callaghan’s yesterday and he was a wonderful, open, friendly guy. You can’t go wrong if you go to Haint Blue, especially if you like nice people and beer!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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