Eric Erdman is a BUSY Man

December 30, 2018

Friday night December 28th at The Listening Room…was so much FUN!


Eric Erdman filled the room and everyone was ready for a good time in this lulling period between Christmas and New year’s Day.


Eric began playing a couple of songs from way back at the request of some old friends in the audience from his days in a rock band called The Ugli Stick. He played “Leaving Birmingham” and later he played “Old Friend” (which sprung from the loss of a favorite local nightspot where his band played many gigs, (at 210 Dauphin Street)…it was fully destroyed in a fire and never reopened again as “Monsoon’s”it had been the place to go for local, regional and national bands. Hearing these songs again brought me back to those times and those friends from long ago.


He played many new songs, some so new they are not even finished…as he said they were a bit wobbly still. One comes to mind, “No Such thing as Cheap Whiskey”. It tells the story of what whiskey can truly cost you if you over indulge, its a price no one wants to pay and could lead to losing your family, your home, your dignity, your health; even perhaps your freedom.


He announced some exciting things coming in 2019. One of them includes many local artists accompanying  him on the presentation of his new songs, not previously recorded. One of the first songs that will be presented was co-written by Laurie Anne Armour. It was Smitty Armour’s birthday and he, Dotty and Laurie Anne were there. Eric beckoned her to join him in performing this song for everyone. Its one of my new favorites, called “So Far”… It is a song of yearning. Here is a line from it: “all I ever want and all I don’t have is you and me together”, “so far, its been so hard”. 


Songs that put you in those shoes can take you to that point in your life when you were yearning to be with a person. I felt it, I loved it.


Quintin Berry (the bass player in The Ugli Stick) dropped by to say hey and seasons greetings to Eric. It was great to see him again.


Ryan Balthrop dropped by and ran to the stage area to sing backup on one of Eric’s songs he performed on when Eric was cutting his 3rd solo CD “Not Slowing Down. The song is called “Objects in the Mirror”…..this song is about looking back at a romance from the past that you thought was long over, but now you are having some doubts that it is truly over…. it says: ”I could still be there in your arms, at one time I was the love of your life…..Along the drive today my memories start to interfere, I had good reasons for leaving I tell myself as I fight back the tears. I thought I’d left you in the rearview but now its quite clear. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”.  


Eric has so many songs now that he does many many shows without singing ones that used to be my favorites, such as “Objects in the Mirror”. I forgot just how well this song was written.


When he sang “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right”, the entire room sang it right along with him and it filled the place up with merriment!


Someone requested the DIP song and it became a sing-a-long as well. Everybody was just in the mood for fun, which makes for a wonderful show.


Near the end of the show Eric sang, (by request) “Peanut Butter and Jealousy” from his first solo CD “Brothers’ Keepers”, Ryan and Laurie Anne joined him on that one.


One of Eric’s newest songs is one that has a lot of momentum swirling around it right now and it shows great promise. It is called “Change”. It speaks of the need to help our fellow man and open our hearts to those who need us. Radney Foster is the co-writer on this song and he plans to cut it on his upcoming CD; others are also looking at it with great interest. You never know about things in the music industry…and there is no such thing as a guarantee of success for any song…but this one holds real promise right now.


Eric announced about his gig coming up in late January in Hollywood, CA, where he plays in The Buddy Rich Big Band at Catalina Jazz Club. It is an amazing honor and privilege and he is quite excited about it. He mixed and mastered the latest Buddy Rich Band’s CD in the studio in Chicago and has remained close to them since that time. 


In addition Eric has another very exciting venture beginning in the spring that involves some big name artists and some real opportunities that he will announce later…he touched on it a little at the show…but details will come soon.  


Eric sang “Horizon” (not yet released) and “The Well” from his latest CD at this show at The Listening Room and they are two of my favorites. I believe he sang songs from all 4 of his solo CDs and many of his yet unreleased songs as well. He has several hundred songs not yet released and he plans to start slinging them out to everyone starting in January. Look for the details coming very soon.


It was a special night, an exciting night and a beautiful music night at The Listening Room two night ago, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.


I hope for you a wonderful 2019, filled with health ,wealth and great joy!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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