EDGE OF THE EVE was upon us!

December 31, 2018


The Annual party that far exceeds other parties. It is held on the day before New Year’s Eve, which not only frees-up more musicians to attend but more music lovers as well. The gracious hosts are Rick Hirsch and his lady Linda Stewart. It is held at Rick’s beautiful home and studio on the river’s edge. 


It could likely be a record-breaking event just on the amount of talent congregated in one room! The party is held in a massive room with vaulted ceilings and a sunken bar. It includes a grand piano and lots of places to sit. It is wide-open to the dining room with a table that looks like it could seat at least 15. This table, plus additional tables now hold an array of foods which includes something to suit everyone's taste buds. Huge containers of boiled shrimp beautifully displayed were ready for the eating as well.  I could not possibly list the number or content of the dishes that offered a great meal to all. With so many choices your stomach was baffled as to what it wanted you to send it first.


As I looked around the room I saw so much love. It was filled wall-to-wall with great people and  real excitement. It was wonderful to see such a large number of familiar faces and catch up since last we gathered. I have been to other parties over the years at this home, but The Edge of the Eve stands out from all others.


I cannot possibly list everyone who was there, however, I can name most of the musicians who were there. If I missed someone as I strain my memory, I apologize, it was not intentional. If you were there, you are a lucky soul. 


After greeting and mixing with those who came, everyone gathered and musicians in the crowd began to take places with the instruments of their choosing….and then the music began. This is not just your everyday Hootenanny, it is THE HOOTENANNY. 


There is something about the human psyche that yearns to FEEL. We gather to feel the love from all these stellar, talented folks. We gather to feast our eyes on our friends as 2018 starts its fall, releasing its hope and promises and passes them on to the next year. It is a ritual that takes place every 365 days and I always feel thankful to have seen it through to its end…just as many others in the crowd rejoiced, so did I. 


Sometimes I wonder how I have been so blessed with friendships from some of the greatest people on this earth. Musicians and music-lovers are the “salt of the earth” folks who share their talent and their joy freely with each other. Every show throughout the year is another reunion, another gathering of all that is good in this world.


The following musicians attended and most performed:

Laurie Anne Armour, Eric Erdman, Rick Hirsch, Donna Hall Foster, Stan Foster, Symone French Cobb, Phil Proctor, Gene Murrell, Andrew Ayers, Brian Ayers, Lewis Ross, Joel Andrews, Ryan Balthrop, Chip Herrington, Harrison McInnis, Quintin Berry, Jordan Steele, Molly Thomas, Gabe Willis, Nathan Friendlander, Ben Jernigan.


Of ALL the musicians I watched last night, I have a FAVORITE! He is a born musician for sure. He is full of spirit and spunk, He is able to play the keyboard like a seasoned pro, yet he is likely one of the youngest who shared the stage. I was amazed at ANDREW AYERS. He was directing others, playing with great intensity and never missed a note. This young man is exceptionally gifted in music...and absolutely a beautiful person! I am proud to know him and his family.


For me, the air in the room carried such an exciting vibe from one wall to the next. It was near impossible to have a negative thought. This is how the world should be. Our world needs more gatherings like this. Ones where people genuinely respect each other and care for one another. One where people understand we are all individual creatures with our own thoughts and ideas; not to be judged or hated because we may think different from each other. I just wanted to hug them all in one Giant Hug Fest!


I thank Rick and Linda for sharing their love with us. Pulling off this kind of party is not easy, there was lots of work involved to get this party ready and lots of work to clean up after everyone departed. Everyone left with grateful hearts and fond memories to hold them until next year when we will have the best HOOTENANNY to celebrate life once again....at The Edge of Eve. I love you both for who you are and what you do!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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