Three Troubadours

February 7, 2019



Things often come in threes, i.e. Three Musketeers, Three Blind Mice…but the best is when you have Three Fabulous Troubadours sharing the stage at The Listening Room of Mobile…ERIC ERDMAN, ANTHONY PEEBLES, WILL THOMPSON serenaded us all last night and everyone was so lifted by their songs they almost floated out those doors at the end of the show. Our feet no longer touched the floor.


Per an online dictionary source: “People sometimes refer to popular singers as troubadours, especially when the words of their songs are an important part of their music.”


The words to their songs last night resonated with us and helped us think about how we treat each other, how we love one another, how we sometimes love from afar, how we want to break the cycle of pain in our lives, how we appreciate the sacrifices of a few who risk their lives to assure our freedom, how we can reach out to a love we thought we lost and grab it back with both hands, how time slips through our fingers quickly and we need to value that time while we can….


So many feelings were tapped and so many awakenings were offered to us. We had our “CHURCH” at The Listening Room…the sermon was spot on and the ministers were ERIC ERDMAN, ANTHONY PEEBLES and WILL THOMPSON…they came prepared and they restored our souls.


It was obvious from the start that these three were there to entertain us. Their love and spirit drifted out to each of us and filled that room like it has rarely been filled before. It was one of those shows that included singer-songwriters who came with the goal of pouring out their love to us and hoping we sent it right back to them…and we did. Tears flowed, laughter broke out, emotions were tapped with the words they delivered to us via “Special Delivery”! They skillfully dropped their songs into our hearts with great care. 


I had heard Eric Erdman and Will Thompson before and knew they were masters of guitar and powerful wordsmiths. Anthony Peebles was a new name to me…I googled him, of course and the minute I heard him singing…I was hooked on his music. 


In person Anthony was even better! He has a Celtic sound when he sings and plays and he also looks Celtic. Anthony specifically has a look of Scottish to me, with the reddish tint to his hair and beard…and his voice could melt butter.


He sang a song he had just written the night before and he performed it acappella….I had goosebumps and I am pretty sure those around me did as well.


He told us the story of his girlfriend in high school breaking up with him and he wrote a song professing his love for her in hopes of regaining her affection….he has been married to her 7 years now and they have a son…I think the song worked.


I truly hope that these three do another show together at The Listening Room when their schedules allow it. I implore Jim Pennington to make that happen.


What a wonderful night!

Thanks go out to The Listening Room of Mobile, Jim Pennington

Thanks to these three troubadours: Eric Erdman,Will Thompson, Anthony Peebles for sharing your talents with us in such an fabulous way.

Google these guys, buy their music and merchandise, you will love it!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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