Marlow Boys were MEN...

March 9, 2019

Marlow Boys were not boys but Grown Men last night at The Listening Room of Mobile!


These guys eased into their first song with a slow groove, sort of a test of their instruments. They sure passed that test. This band is everything you want to hear when you need music to soothe your soul, lift your spirits, fill your heart…and make you feel like everything is gonna be alright.


The members of this band are magnificent in every possible way. 

Joe Langley-lead vocals, back-up vocals, Acoustic guitar, banjo, lap steel, harmonica…I believe he could play a fabulous tune on a wash board or spoons or anything else he wanted to grab…he is one of the most talented I have seen and I have see tons of them. He does not even realize that the ladies in the audience select their seats to be certain they can have their eyes on him the entire night…its true. I had someone at my table change the side where she sat to be able to see him at all times…no obstructions allowed when Joe is on the stage. Yes he is multi talented, eye-candy and a humble, kind individual; not a combination you see often but it is right there and it is called Joe Langely. I truly loved every single song Joe sang…but the one that stayed in my head all night was “Burn”.


Stan Foster-lead vocals, back-up vocals, bass. This man has played in some great bands, i.e. “Rolling in the Hay” with Rick Carter (and others), “Deluxe Trio”. Stan is one of the most unpretentious men I have ever known. He is a gorgeous man, inside and out. He walks through life looking out for everyone around him, making sure everyone is comfortable and happy. This man is a fabulous bassist, his voice is like butter it is so smooth and he is very easy on the eyes. He reminds me of my youngest son as he has a kind heart unlike any other. All these things make him a star in this sometimes dark world. Thank you Stan, you wonderful man.


Phil Proctor is a fabulous, multi-instrumentalist…his mandolin absolutely has billows of smoke rising from it…I was in the front row and I could see him setting that thing on fire. Last night Phil played mandolin, electric guitar and acoustic guitar…but I believe he could play any instrument you put in his hands…and playing it masterfully. Phil also is a lead vocalist and back-up vocalist in the band. When Phil plays, whether it be in the band, solo or in the fabulous duo of Phil and Foster…I just stare at him; I cannot take my eyes off of him. He feels the music in every inch of his body and soul. This man was born to entertain us and he jumps right in and does just that. Thank you Phil Proctor for what you bring to the stage…you dive right into it without fear and it makes the audience understand just why they love music.


Karl Langley is one of the best drummers I have heard and watched. He rears back in his seat at the drums with closed eyes and lets the feel of every song fill him up. He does not just bang the drums like some drummers who look like they want to punish something. No Karl is a master on the drums…he has great finesse. The way he approaches the drums is amazing. Karl is a genius of rhythm. He knows exactly what he wants to contribute to each song and he jumps right in there…it gives me chills. Karl also sings lead vocals and back-up vocals with musical adroitness that keeps me spellbound. Karl lead sings on a cover song that I simply must hear every time they take the stage. “Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan. I would prefer to hear Karl sing than anyone…including Bob Dylan. 


Karl knows how to put the funk on this song like no other. Go on with your bad self Karl.


This band is everything a band needs to be. If you really love music and you really love being entertained…make plans to go see these guys MARLOW BOYS, PHIL AND FOSTER…or any other combinations of these four


Joe Langely, Stan Foster, Phil Proctor and Karl Langley…you will leave their show with a happy heart and great satisfaction that you made the effort to get out and hear fabulous music.


I want to thank Jim Pennington for providing a place where musicians like this can be honored and respected by having the undivided attention of an audience. This band is so mesmerizing, many people sat with their legs crossed tight because they couldn’t leave to go to the bathroom they didn’t want to miss a thing.


Every show is unique. Last night’s show was a show to remember. When you have been entertained by the best, you get up wanting to hug somebody. So there was a lot of hugging going on at The Listening Room of Mobile last night!

I could not quit smiling on my drive home and I played their CD, “Green Room, Volume Two” beginning to end when I got home, then again first thing this morning…A person just cannot get enough of the music created by The Marlow Boys.


Go see them, buy their music and their merchandise. They deserve it and you deserve it

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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