I saw DYNAMITE last night

March 10, 2019



When I was growing up I used to hear people say “Dynamite comes in small packages”…I saw it with my own eyes last night at The Listening Room of Mobile.  When that dynamite (Amanda Shaw) opened up, the explosion could be heard throughout that room and across the street!


It was my first time to see Amanda Shaw perform but I can tell you it will not be the last. I have seen thousands of shows, but never saw a more energetic performance.  It was near impossible not to clap, stomp your feet or at least squirm around in your seat…she brought life to our souls. 


Amanda Shaw had us under her spell and we were happy to be there. She had us waving our glasses in the air as she sang her song “Red Plastic Cup”. That might sound a bit silly or even strange…but it unified us as an audience and it made us feel as though we were a part of the show.


This young lady commands your attention when she performs. She can fill the stage up all by her tiny self…but she did bring a guitarist, Tim Robertson, a musician who hails from New Orleans. He too was masterful. It looked like sometimes he was awed by her (perhaps confused by her) as she played that fiddle like I had never seen before. 


Her long, bright-red hair beautifully dancing as she danced and played. That hair, joined by her hunter green, close-fitting dress was a perfect combination.  She wore high heels that were so high; I feared she might break an ankle if she twisted wrong. (which is thinking I inherited from my mother). Then there was that adorable face of hers…this is what the hugely talented Amanda Shaw looks like…but you just had to be there to get the full depth of it.


Her original songs are amazing. She is pretty sassy in her thinking and very self assured. I believe that comes from that fact that she started in music at age 4 as she mastered the violin. She has been performing nationally and internationally since age 8. This lady knows how to entertain, she knows what people like to hear and she is very self assured and aware. I believe her parents did a good job making sure she stayed grounded through it all. Amanda is, what you might call “salt of the earth”, unpretentious and friendly with all as she passes out free hugs after the show.


I love her song titled “How lucky you are!”…the lyrics let the guy know she is special and honors herself…and he needs to understand just how lucky he truly is to be with her.

She also has one named “Holiday”, its on her new record. This song made me really think to fully understand what she was saying. It is brilliant. Holidays are special times, they are a time to relax, have fun, enjoy life with those you love. She says “You are my Holiday”…I love that concept and the song was lots of fun to hear and see as she played, sang and danced. 


Amanda does not have the ability to stand stoic and still…it is just not in her…she is so full of life and joy and her aim is accurate as she throws some of that out to you as you sit in the audience. Before you know it….you too are full of life and happiness…Thanks Amanda for sharing your joy.


Her song “Pretty Runs Out”…is riveting and so true. When I was young I used to hear terms like “Beauty fades”…it is the same idea. I really enjoyed that song.

Then there is “Lipstick Stains”…in this song she says “you’ve got my number. If you don’t call me soon, I might forget your name….because here I am, I’m ready to go…I already told you so!”


Amanda Shaw could play her fiddle and say nothing….and still entertain better than most!

She could sing the phone book and the crowd would still be mesmerized by her!

The fact that she has relatable lyrics and original songs that make you think in addition to having the best fiddle-playing-abilities I have ever witnessed and a voice when she sings that commands your attention…she is the total package, she is explosive on the stage, she is the embodiment of entertainment.


If you ever see her advertised to play and it is a drivable distance…grab your loved ones and run to the car…you do not want to miss AMANDA SHAW!


Thank You Miss Shaw for your wonderful wonderful performance.

Thank you Jim Pennington for bringing her to The Listening Room of Mobile

Thank you Tim Robertson for playing that guitar with Amanda

Thank you to the amazing audience that soaked in all of that happiness


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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