Two greats at The Listening Room

March 18, 2019

We were entertained by two great men Saturday night.


Eric Erdman opened for Jason Eady at The Listening Room of Mobile. Then for the finale he joined Jason for a couple of tunes and they ended with everyone standing, clapping and shouting their praises.


It was a great, varied hour of music from Eric as he prepared the way for Jason Eady to follow.


One hails from Texas and the other from Alabama…both brought their own set of skills to the table and they filled that table up with music.


I am convinced these two guys came prepared to put on a great show and that is exactly what they did.


Eric told about a few exciting ventures ahead for him in 2019. He played a mixture of his songs, including one brand new one I had never heard . This new song is called “Wastin’ It” co-written with Brendan Mayer of Nashville. This is going to become one of my favorites.


Those in the audience familiar with Eric’s music sang along to “Not Slowing Down” and it livened up the place. He sang his new song “Change” that he co-wrote with his friend Radney Foster. This song is urging others to help your fellow man and hopefully make life better for those who need a helping hand or those who need someone to lean on in a dark time.


He also played a song of encouragement for anyone who is struggling. This song is called “The Well”. This one he co-wrote with Sarah Aili and Shelly Riff. It has received recognition as other artist have put it on their new CDs and it was featured in a short film. It is one of my very favorites.


He brought lots of smiles and giggles as he sang “Leftover Love”. This song compares carrying home leftovers from your dinner to hanging on to someone long after the thrill is gone.


There was a short pause and Jason Eady took the stage. He is one of the best country artists around. He started the show with “Why I left Atlanta”, one of his most popular songs. He also sang Calaveras County…this is a song that features a very small town in California that was so honored to have a song telling of how they treat everyone like a friend who stops by on their way through town. No one is a stranger to the people who live there. We are all in the world together and that is the way the fine people from Calaveras County sees others.


An interesting idea, “Pretty When I Die” is a song that caught me up in deep thought. (It is his “bluegrass song). “I don’t want to be pretty when I die”….”I wanna have it all good and bad”…”I don’t wanna make a living I don’t earn”…”I wanna be crazy when I die”. “I want to tell a story with every line around my eye, I wanna be crazy when I die.” 

Now that is a song about truly LIVING life…not tiptoeing through…



Tonight Eric Erdman opened for Jason Eady at The Listening Room of Mobile. The finale included two songs they played together and the sounds got everyone up on their feet…the music was too wonderful to allow anyone to remain seated.


These two seasoned and very talented men laid it all on the floor for us last night. We felt it and we loved it. This is what a show should be.


Thank you Jason Eady for sharing your talent with us at The Listening Room

Thank you Eric Erdman for sharing your talent with us too

Thank You Jim Pennington for booking this great duo for us to enjoy.

Thank You to the packed audience who came out to enjoy real talent.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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