Dyson House Listening Room

April 6, 2019

The Dyson House Listening Room, Baton Rouge


Thursday night, April 4th was the very first night the doors were open and the stage was occupied at the new location of Dyson House Listening Room. It was such an honor for Eric Erdman and Ross Newell to stand on that stage as the very first ever to play there.


Everything was nice and those who set this place up did an extraordinary job. There was plenty of seating and free Jambalaya for anyone who wanted it. The bar was in full operation but it was way in the back and it was quietly run. 


We were greeted with open arms and sound check was done quickly. Then Eric, Ross and I headed to a nearby Thai Restaurant. It was a true hole in the wall place, which was a green concrete block building with no windows and some unexpected graffiti art…I was not even sure what the graffiti person was attempting to depict…but it added yet another odd mystery to the appearance. The food was great! The staff was great. After all that is what matters in the end.


Soon we were back at the venue and the place was buzzing with excitement. People were pouring in. It was a full house, with some standing in the back. I would say it was a wonderful turnout for a first night in a new location.


Eric was up first and he began by playing “The Pond” from his newest CD “It’s Not Like You Don’t Know Me.” The room was silent during the song and the second he hit the last note, the audience erupted in applause…it startled me at first but it was a great feeling. People had started texting Eric with song requests while we were at dinner. Others were calling out requests at the show. He had a handful of the brand new CDs that are the first volume of Fresh Song Friday songs, they quickly sold out.  He will release 4 more CD this year using his Fresh Song Friday songs….so keep on the lookout for them. Check his website and Facebook.

Eric got a rousing standing ovation when his time was up…minutes later Ross Newell was on the stage.


Ross is one of the most talented songwriters with such a wonderful voice like no other. His voice is like “butter” and he is as sweet as sugar, which is a great recipe to describe this beloved musician. He sang many requests such as “Lay Here”, My Great-Grandaddy’s War,  “Calamine”, “Cecelia”, “The Deal”, “Rosanne” and more. You should go to Ross’ YouTube page and his website iamrossnewell.com or his facebook page. He is fabulous, one of the best if not the best out there touring now. His standing ovation was magnificent as well.


To end the evening Ross stepped down in front of the stage, called Eric up to join him. They played raw and unmic’ed to everyone’s surprise. First Eric did “Bird On A Powerline” backed up by Ross, Then Ross did “Red Dress Lady” backed up by Eric.  It was a divine ending to a marvelous show!


I don’t remember ever seeing/hearing a more thrilled audience. They were elated and happy to have seen such a sight. Everyone wanted to hang around and talk about certain songs, look at, and purchase merchandise. Seemingly they did not want this night to ever end.


At the new location at Zeeland Street Market, 2031 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge…Dyson House Listening Room will be a venue like no other. People drove up from New Orleans when they heard about it and others will soon hear…I expect this will be a booming place very early on.


This venue will be the envy of all the others in Louisiana. It has the “IT” factor needed for great success. I cannot wait to go back.


Thank you to Ross Newell and Eric Erdman for such a wide-open performance

Thank you to John Burns, for keeping The Dyson House Listening Room alive for us to enjoy!

Thank you to the folks at Zeeland Street Market for making the whole thing happen


Go to their website and check out Zeeland Street Market, open for breakfast and brunch and for the night times, The Dyson House Listening Room…you will be glad you did!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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