Sometimes, BIGGER is better!

April 9, 2019


Last night I saw the biggest band I have ever seen at The Listening Room.

The Paula Boggs Band out of Seattle, Washington. Seattle challenges us annually for the wettest city in the nation….one year its Mobile, next year Seattle. So we have a connection

of sorts. Music also connects us. Maybe its the rain that draws us to one another.


Paula has a 6-piece band and it is quite unique…I liked every one of them individually…they were great and when a group that talented comes together it multiplies the GREATNESS!…


Paula is leader of the band, lead vocals, guitar and ukulele (she also did a little bit of percussion work with shakers. I love it when it is obvious the person singing (or playing), clearly feels the music. When they feel it like Paula does, it shows all over them and it drifts into the audience so we can feel it too. Paula is constantly  bouncing and moving with the beat of each song.


Mark Chinen played electric guitar and banjo. I have not heard anyone play a banjo quite like that before. To me it was like he "classed-up" the instrument and made it sound like a big city brother to the bango. In my experience, they have a tinny, twangy sound, but when this talented man (Mark Chinen) moves his finger down the strings of a banjo it is magic! He was amazing. Also when Mark played that electric guitar he was in command of the song, this man knows how to play.


Alex Dyring played bass, was back up on vocals and he kept a smile on his face all night. Clearly he is the youngest person in the band. I spoke with him briefly and he is as nice a guy as you every want to meet. I could watch him all night long.


Jacob Evans was the drummer. This young man kept things going and on track. He was more than the drummer…he was skilled at taking the song where he wanted it to go with great confidence. That is something any good drummer should have...confidence.


Paul Matthew Moore is one of a kind! He is a pianist, played the keyboard and the accordion. He was also back up vocals on almost every song. He even told a joke about accordions being left in the car without worry of anyone stealing them. Paul has many credentials to his credit, he now serves as Music Director of the Dance Program at The University of Washington in Seattle. So we had some pretty impressive personnel in The Listening Room last night.


Then there was THE MAN Tor Dietrichson on percussions, backup vocals and and lead vocals on a couple of songs. He played the bongos, he played several instruments I have never seen. He has a thing that looks similar to a necktie, (its a metal strip with waves in the metal) he hangs it around his neck and plays it by tapping it with his fingers that are clad with what looks like metal thimbles I use when I sew. This was a tiny version of the washboards they used to play in bluegrass bands years ago...but a new snazzy one. It is a fabulous  thing to watch and to hear!  I so enjoyed this man. He is entertainment from his head to his toe.


The  Paula Boggs Band has original songs that beckon us to “Get Along”, “Look Straight Ahead” and one that says “We All Fall Down” and Get Together”. Their songs tell us to live right and live right now.


When a band has music that FEELS good and makes us FEEL better when we leave than when we came…that band has done its job!


Thank You Paula Boggs Band for doing your job and doing it well

Thank You Jim Pennington for bringing them to The Listening Room for us to enjoy


Google Paula Boggs Band songs and check them out, buy their music and go to their shows.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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