Being Eric Erdman

April 13, 2019

Just as an artist creates pieces that make us think, or make us feel things we may not normally feel; a musician creates music with the same purpose. It offers us a deeper look at life and at ourselves. 

If a well crafted song helps us see things from a different perspective or see things more clearly—-it has done what it is supposed to do.

Last night Eric Erdman performed at The Listening Room of  Mobile as part of South Sounds Music Festival. He was comfortable and powerful all at the same time. It was amazing  to watch. 


The room was packed and all those who attended were ready to be entertained. Some were also ready for some birthday cake. It just so happened that it was also Eric’s birthday.

That explains the festive atmosphere that permeated the room and lifted spirits.


Eric is constantly writing more songs and he did a couple that he has not played before (even I was not yet acquainted with them). There were songs across the spectrum (there was no genre or boxes they fit in easily) and we were ready to hear them all. When he played older familiar songs from his first solo CD, i.e. “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right”, most of the audience sang right along with him. It was so much fun to join right in and belt out those words from our seats….”if two wrongs don’t make a right, come home with me tonight and we’ll find out how many do!”


One of the newest ones he sang was co-written by Brendan Mayer (check Brendan's music out when you can). This song is called "Wastin' it" tells the story of a guy who is a bit skeptical about LOVE, considers it a waste of time...but now he has someone that makes him not mind "wastin' it".  (that's how love works sometimes). 

He played songs from each of his solo CD’s, including the new one he just got in this week, Volume one of “Fresh Song Friday”. 

“Fresh Song Friday is one of his new projects for 2019. Starting the first Friday in January of this year, Eric has released a “previously unreleased or unrecorded” song every Friday at noon. He will do so for the entire year of 2019. (He actually has enough songs to do two years). Once he has 11 songs released via the FSF project, he packages those (for example the one he just did was the first 11 songs from his Fresh Song Friday project. These songs are pretty stripped down. Many are just him and his guitar, others feature a musician friend that accompanies him on the instrument of their choice; pretty basic stuff, but great music all the same. Check it out. 


Another surprise about last night is J B Lawrence (Music Video Director/Videographer), filmed the show and did an extensive interview afterwards…This film is for a documentary 

“Being Eric Erdman”. I cannot wait to see/hear it.

Eric told of many exciting things he has coming up this year. He just returned from playing yet another show with The Buddy Rich Band in New York City. This particular show included guest drummer, the famed Max Weinberg (drummer for Bruce Springsteen, bandleader for Conan O’Brien show…etc). He had a great time in New York with that crew. He recently did songwriter shows in Arizona, North Carolina, Baton Rouge. Coming up are trips with The Buddy Rich Band (and a USO show) which includes, London, Tokyo,Japan, Milan,Italy, Istanbul and more. He will be joining Jenn Bostic again his year in Isla Mujures,Mexico for a string of shows. This is their 3rd year in Isla Mujures. (I just can’t wait to go back). 


There is a lot more in the works right now with Eric Erdman and those things will be announced when details are complete. So far 2019 is treating him well.


The title of his 3rd solo CD and the song with the same name, seems to fit his life these days, “Not Slowing Down”.  Sometimes I wonder how he remembers which flight to take and when.

Eric Erdman is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. He does not sit back and wait for things to happen…he knocks on doors and makes things happen.


Thanks South Sounds Music Festival for honoring our musicians

Thanks Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile for honoring our musicians

Thanks Eric Erdman for a fantastic show

Thanks to this exuberant and loving audience on 4-12-19


Juanita Smith

Music Mom












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