A Rising Star, Hannah McFarland

April 14, 2019


The absolute beauty of music is that it has a way of connecting us. It connected us at 

The Listening Room of Mobile last night. It was the second night of South Sounds Music Festival. We got there just in time for the show to begin. I was a lucky girl as I sat with Eric

Erdman and Rick Hirsch; both have music in their soul and both are fans of the young

performing artist of the evening, Hannah McFarland. 


Hannah is a young artist. She is a person who was born with music in her DNA. Some people take lessons and struggle to become musicians while some are born to be musicians. They felt the music from as far back as they can remember. Those are the real musicians, and Hannah McFarland is one of them.


The crowd was enthusiastic as she played one song after another. Most of her songs were originals. I was impressed by the the depth of emotion in her lyrics. Writing songs is a craft that requires a thoughtful hand and a person of depth. Hannah proves she is a pedigree in music by the lyrics in her songs.


There she was, gracefully perched on a stool, her beautiful Gibson guitar in her arms as she readied herself to tell us her story through her music. Hannah has an EP called “Heartache Like You”. I recommend it. She has it available at her shows and online.


Inside every songwriter there are deeply emotional songs amongst the happier ones. It is almost a requirement to include ones of pain and sadness, of loss and loneliness. These are emotions all of us can relate to… it is imperative to have songs that make the audience feel. The words and the music must join together in a harmonious dance to make a beautiful song. Hannah had us dancing in our seats and in our minds. I particularly liked a song she co-wrote with Dale Drinkard (who is a fabulous musician)..it is called “Between The Lines”…This song is about a subject almost everyone could relate to. You wish you had paid closer attention as you were falling in love with someone, now you are left with a broken heart….if only you could have read between the lines and seen what kind of person to which you were giving your heart. A very well crafted song and a relatable song.


She made us smile as she said, “Now I will play my ONLY happy song…it is called 

“Tore Down”.


She played a couple of cover songs. She invited Eric Erdman to the stage to play her guitar as she sang “Fire and Rain”, a wonderful James Taylor song. When she sings that song, (in my opinion) she claims her piece of the stage. It belongs to her and she commands it. 

She also called Rick Hirsch to the stage to play “Ring of Fire” as she sang.


Hannah’s voice is always on pitch, it is always solid and strong. As the show began she claimed she had some voice issues that day, but they must have left because, she had no voice issues that showed up during the show. Her range is amazing and her voice is penetrating.


Hannah has her music available on iTunes and spotify. Check her out, buy her music, go to her shows…very soon the price for admission will be much higher. This young woman is climbing fast in the pursuit of her dreams. Write her name down, one day you will be asking her to write her name down. HANNAH MCFARLAND is a rising star!


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything around us….follow good music…follow Hannah McFarland.

Hannah McFarland is from Mobile but is now based in Birmingham. She does not play often in Mobile, so when you see she is playing locally, go check her out. You will be glad you did.


Thank you South Sounds Music Festival

Thank you again to Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile

Thank you to this precious, rising star, Hannah McFarland


Juanita Smith

Music Mom










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