The Simplest Things can be Powerful

April 15, 2019


At 2:30pm  I picked up Eric to go to my nephew’s wedding and he said “Mom we are invited to a party tonight!” I immediately said “No I don’t want to go”…then he said, “The party is at Rick Hirsch’s house and Kler Jph and Iam Lod are there…..I said “oh my God, you have to say that part first, of course I am going.”


He replied, “you didn’t give me a chance before you said, no!”….

I said, “Eric if you had said “Rick Hirsch first or Kler Jph and Iam Lod, I would have shouted YES! no matter what they wanted to do”…I would have been down for anything, including riding a mechanical bull, or skydiving.”


Then there was a bonus, when I walked in to Rick's place, sitting around the dinner table was Linda Stewart of course,…also The McFarlands, Jeff, Monique and Hannah! How could a night get better? Molly Thomas was right there too….am I dreaming or have I landed in music heaven?


Being in the same space with awesome souls restores my soul. It restores my faith in humanity and it makes me happy!


At the table, Kler jph and Iam Lod were helping Hannah, who wished to learn some French. Eric has a reasonable knowledge of French as well, so he too was helping. The first thing Hannah wanted to learn was how to ask “What size shoes do you wear?” It turned into the funniest things as she caught on quickly and the words seemed to flow out and sound natural. But it was an odd menagerie of words and short sentences that Hannah could say.  We learned EGG and EYE sound very similar in French. So Hannah would say “egg, eye, egg, eye, egg, eye”…perhaps she was trying to discern the nuances to be certain which was which, after all, nobody  wants a fried eye for breakfast. These two beautiful friends from France had so much patience and kindness in the process, it was inspiring to watch and listen.


After the fabulous dinner, everyone gathered in Rick’s huge open den and the musical ones  grabbed their guitars or bass or sat at the piano. The rest of us were hungry (for music) and happy to be the audience waiting to be fed what we knew would be something great.


It never ceases to amaze me, when a group of musicians gather, how they get into a zone. They sometimes seem to speak another language….music is a universal language that far exceeds any other.


One time years ago, Eric Erdman, Dale Drinkard and Jay Hines (one of Eric’s friends from college) took their first trip to Europe. There came a time they were on the fast train that takes you everywhere and there was a group of musicians (I think they said from Africa, but not certain). This group was playing and singing ….Dale and Eric found a place they could fit in on the harmonies, they stepped over and joined them (even though they did not know the language of these musicians….they knew the language of music). Everyone loved it including the musicians that were gathered there. It was one of their favorite memories from that trip. 


Their story made me stop and think of how very connective music is. It breaks down any walls or barriers that might otherwise separate people. Music is the answer to unity and peace, if only everyone could see and feel that way, our world would be perfect.


This dinner party was another great time for the strengthening of my spirit. I would like to thank everyone there for allowing me to be a part of the evening. It was easy, laidback and comforting as “like-minded” people gathered to enjoy one another. 

Simple, yet powerful!

Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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