Beautiful Music Connects Us!

May 4, 2019

Music connects people, that is its true beauty. 


I have met some of the best people on this earth through music. Most people who have music in their lives are happy people. The Listening Room of Mobile provides a place to honor, not only the musicians, but the audience that is there to hear the music!


There are moments in time you wish you could take back. Then there are moments in time you wish you could re-live day after day. Last night at The Listening Room of Mobile was one I would gladly re-live over and over like in the movie Ground Hog Day. It was one for the books. We saw a seasoned, confident, funny, lovable musician…It was Eric Erdman and his light was shining brightly all night.


He started the night with a brand new song. I believe this is going to be one of my favorites, it is titled “Just A Step Away”. Its one of those that feels like a perfect marriage between lyrics and melody; so much so that you are frozen in time as you give it your full attention. He co-wrote this song days ago with his friends and writing partners, Tim Jackson and Lindsey Thompson from Florida.


The entire night of music was spot-on and his stories and banter were magnificent. How could you possibly ask for more from a musician. It is a great experience to hear a little background on each song, it enables you to grasp the message the song is delivering. 


Musicians are messengers and whether that message is humorous or deep with emotion, it can impact your attitude. The lyrics and the melody can lift you up or smooth your ruffled feathers.


There was a bonus to the show last night…Eric brought a friend who is visiting Mobile right now. This friend is a great musician and he joined Eric on the stage for a few songs. His name is Donny Brewer and he hails from a small town near Austin, Texas. Donny’s beautiful wife Michelle was there as well. They are great friends and I enjoy every minute I can spend with them.


Donny backed Eric up on the guitar for several songs. He backed him up on vocals for a couple as well and he sang a couple of his own songs later in the show.


Music filled that room from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. As we sat there in the audience, it felt good to hear it. Sometimes music is the loud voice for those who have quiet hearts. It is often the cure for what ails you.


The place was hopping when Eric played his song “Why”. This song is on his 3rd solo CD “Not Slowing Down” that he recorded at Nutthouse Recording Studio near Music Shoals, Alabama. I do believe every set of hands in the room were busy clapping out the beat for the entire song (and it is a pretty long song as songs go)…I checked and it is officially 4 min 5 seconds long. (Written by Eric Erdman and his lifelong friend Hanan Browning).


The night ended with the DIP was lead by Eric, accompanied by Donny Brewer. Eric shared a couple of hilarious situations that occurred surrounding this song and he had us all under his spell. The whole room was laughing at one point.


When the show ended, I could tell it was one of those nights when people just did not want it to end. They talked, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed spending time together. Music is a great connector.


It is true that a painter paints on canvas and a musician paints on your heart and soul. It should leave you feeling better than when you came. I sure felt better when I headed to my car and I have relived the night many times since I walked out the door.


Thank you Eric Erdman for a great show

Thank you Donny Brewer for making a great show even greater

Thank you Jim Pennington for providing such a place that allows music to be heard and felt

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Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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