World Class Entertainment at The Listening Room of Mobile

May 24, 2019

I am aware enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit. Last night at The Listening Room of Mobile, every soul in that room went home energized unlike ever before. 


It was one of those shows that makes you proud to have been there to soak in all the goodness. Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker —-The Hussy Hicks, gave us what we came for and so much more .


The show started off with “Mutiny”….”There’s mutiny on the boundaries….we’re walking tall and standing strong ..arguments with facts..speaking softly but not taking it back.”


These ladies are strong in character. They are amicable and easy going but they stand tall if things are not right and they speak out for justice and for the basic rights of people on this planet. They are powerful women who walk this earth heroically standing up for women’s rights, animal rights and human rights in general. They say what needs to be said, where words need to be spoken. They do it with music and they do it while wearing their beautiful smiles.


Next they played one of their new songs It is called “Get Ready” and it is about a world where people are not labeled as one thing or another…people are just people. We should embrace our differences instead of slapping labels on others.


“Get Ready, Get Ready”…”Ready to stick it in the basement baby, ready to let it go. Ready to send it somewhere so it won’t come back no more.” …”Ready to try the best I can, do the best that I can do.” “Ready to take the labels off, Ready for fair play.”


This song was recently released as a single (about two months ago) and can be purchased, “Get Ready” by The Hussy Hicks.


I have many favorites in their long list of original songs…one of my very favorites is “Look What You’ve Done”.  I simply must share these lines with you…(if only you could have heard these words as Leesa sang them last night. Her emotions blast out into a room and they come from deep inside with the greatest compassion I have ever heard on a stage)….


“Look what you’ve done, what we’ve become. It started out strong but where do we go now. Don’t you just sit there, act like you don’t care, tell me its not fair. When I already know now. There’s no mistake; my will will break and I won’t let me let you go. So look what you’ve done.”


This song gives me chills. When a song takes hold of you as this one does…the lyrics and the delivery of this song touches you and leaves its footprints all over you…that my friend is a powerful song. 


Then there was “Silence Creeping”…”well I used to hear ya breathing, now its only my own weeping…. “I let you go, I let you go, I let you I’m drowning in the darkness”


Others they played with equal riveting power are “Enjoy it my friend’, “Three Rainbows”, and an uplifting tune called “Pirate Flag”. 


All songs by The Hussy Hicks are dripping with emotion and passion. Their songs pull you in to a place you want to be. Their songs are about real feelings and real life experiences, so they are relatable to nearly everyone who hears them.


It is my belief and experience, that we all interpret songs personally. Pirate Flag may mean something entirely different to you than it does to me. For me its about the dream to escape all of the untruths and manipulation of governing bodies we live under, and be free to live free from control. There was a time our people screamed “No taxation without representation” as the British controlled us, governed us, taxed us and we had no say, no vote….under this kind of oppression the idea of freedom, a pirate flag, at least, in a fleeting moment sounds appealing.


The Hussy Hicks from Australia are my friends for years now. They embody musical talent (which is extreme talent, no doubt). They embody caring, kind, welcoming love for all mankind as they travel the world and make friends every where they go. The thought comes to mind and I must say it---they are my heroes!


I want to be these girls, their music is unparalleled! Their hearts are bigger than Texas!


Thank you Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker- The Hussy Hicks, for lifting us up with music.

Thank you Jim Pennington for bringing world class talent to The Listening Room of Mobile

Thank you to all of the people who filled that room with love, laughter and roaring applause

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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