Michelle Malone at The Listening Room

May 25, 2019

Have you ever been around a person who was bursting with life, bursting with energy and loaded with talent? I had that experience last night at The Listening Room of Mobile. 


A super talented musician named Michelle Malone and her side-kick (drummer) Linda Bolley were there in a BIG way.  They held nothing back.

It was my first time to see Linda Bolley. She also did back-up vocals and she never missed a beat all night….I just love to see female drummers. Katie Heron is a dear friend and a powerful drummer who used to play with Kristy Lee (probably still does at times) also she is the drummer in a rock band called The Dead Dead.  Female drummers are fabulous!


Michelle plays like there is no tomorrow. She throws her whole self into a performance. It does not matter if there is a small audience or a packed house, she entertains you with everything she’s got! That is the epitome of a professional.


The first thing I noticed when she began her show, is a large red slide she was sliding up  and down those guitar strings and making sounds that I could feel all the way to my soul. 

Though it is only her and a drummer…it sounds like a full band. I had to keep rubbing my eyes trying to figure out how that much sound was coming from these two ladies. 


Michelle plays magnificently on the guitar, she plays slide guitar, and the harmonica. In addition she sings  from the depth of her soul. She will pull her head back and hit every note she reaches for. How this tiny lady fills an entire room with her music is beyond me. 


I always read all that I can find about an artist before I see them. I was not surprised when I saw: “Michelle Malone 2018 Atlanta, Best Blues Act, Best Rock Act, Best Roots/Folk Band Artist, Best Songwriter…..I would say she has cornered the market on BEST!


There is a lot of music in Michelle Malone and she does not mind sharing it with her audience.


One of my favorite songs by Michelle is “Feather in a Hurricane”. I can relate to feeling that way some days…to me its a feeling of having little or no control. This song is on her Album called “Debris” released in 2005.  

Let me share some lines from this song.

“I feel like a feather blowing in a hurricane, running a race like a horse who’s leg is lame. I feel like a feather in a hurricane. 

I went for a walk in the woods to get away from it all.

I was trailed by a woman who was jogging and making a phone call. 

She was loud and talking 90 miles an hour like she was on cocaine…and I feel like a feather in a hurricane.” 


I love her fabulous song “Love Yourself”. “Until you love yourself, you can’t love nobody else!”


Later she did A sing-along song that she started by asking….”who in the audience used be a wild child?”  Only Jim Pennington raised his hand…she said, “So its just me and Jim that will relate to this song…”You bring the weed, I’ll bring the wine”…(The entire audience sang that line)

It goes, “You bring the weed, I’ll bring the wine, we’ll crawl into the back seat and have a good time!”  (Now that was a fun song).


Another song I enjoyed was “Sugar on My Tongue”…this one is on her album “Slings & Arrows” released in 2018. Look it up…buy her music. I bought the shirt for this song myself.


Michelle told us about a song after she sang it….she didn’t want to spoil it for us. The song is “My Green Thumb” off her album “Beneath the Devil Moon” released in 1997. It actually has nothing to do with a garden or gardening…it is referring to a pretty serious stalker she was dealing with…he would leave “unstamped” letters in her mailbox (which means he certainly knew exactly where she lived)…she dreamed of killing him and planting him in her yard. Her song says she has a garden and she is growing patience…her green thumb has begun. It sounded like she was really hoping to try her hand at planting a bad guy in her backyard. I would suspect that most musicians have had a stalker at one time or another…especially young pretty lady musicians. She turned her fear and anger into a song…(nobody died in the making of this song).


This marvelous, talented lady has so many songs and they are wonderful. There was one that stuck so tightly to me, I played it a few times today and could not get enough of it. This song was released twice. I think It was released originally in 1992 on an album called “Relentless”, then again on “Drag The River” in 2018. The title of this song is “Counting Stars”. This is a song about love, love lost, great yearning and pain.  I have said many times before that we are all individuals and we interpret songs, and life different…it doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong…even if you interpret it different than the songwriter intended…it is your privilege to hear it how you hear it.  I must share some of the lyrics from “Counting Stars”…..she  says, “counting stars out my window” “I am still a mystery, and I am still inside where I lost you” ,“Someday I will write a song and tell you how I feel for you. But the words come too slow, I’m counting stars out my window.” 

As she sang this song, I could feel her emotion and, to me, it felt like pain.


For me, just the idea of a person counting stars out of their window sounds so lonely. and the statement of “I am still inside where I lost you.” is so very sad. To get the full feeling of this or any of her songs…look them up.  Buy them if you like them. Her voice is riveting and her words are haunting. She is a dynamo! Check out:  michellemalone.com


Thanks Michelle Malone for a wonderful show

Thanks to Linda Bolley for the great job on drums and backup vocals

Thanks Jim Pennington for bringing fabulous music to TLR

Thanks to the enthusiastic audience

Juanita Smith

Music Mom








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