Houston,We have a problem!

June 22, 2019


Our problem with Houston is...they are taking Ferrill and Fish away from us!


There comes a time in our lives that we face hard lessons…such as “Letting go”. Change is never easy….we are complicated creatures as we fight to “hold on” and we fight to “let go”. 

Our mind tells us its time to step into our next chapter, while the voice in our head begs us to hold onto the page where we are.


Last night at The Listening Room of Mobile, Ferrill Gibbs was there along with his wonderful, beautiful wife Elizabeth (Fish). Ferrill entertains on the stage and “Fish” brings the essence of joy into the room. She is a pure delight.


He spoke of their upcoming move to Houston, Texas. He says there are many things they will miss about Mobile and some they will not. The future is smiling at Ferrill and Fish as they step into their next chapter with exuberance. He has a huge opportunity with his podcast…”Unhand The Monster”. It is one of the best moderated, orchestrated podcasts I have heard….and I am a big proponent of podcasts. Fish also has a huge opportunity to get into vet school there.


He started the show on a somber note, as he spoke of the fact that this week marks the week when his father passed away one year ago. At his father’s passing, he felt he handled it well and basically moved on with his life. But months later he was in a session with his voice teacher when he had a bit of a breakdown. As he opened his mouth to sing a Christmas song (the holiday season was approaching)…his teacher played the song and when he was incapable of making a sound and the tears were rushing down his face…the teacher continued to play the rest of the song to the end. 


Then she led him to a small box of a room that had great acoustics and had him sing “Dona Nobis Pacem: (Which means GRANT US PEACE). 


After telling us the story (haltingly and purposefully), he then sang Dona Nobis Pacem for us …he sang it Acapella…it was a very different experience…one that we all listened to and watched with our mouths open. Immediately following that, he placed his cell phone up against the microphone and played the recording of himself singing it initially. To me it was a closure of sorts that Ferrill needed to have, to resolve the pain he carried for a solid year. He let go of the deep sadness by letting himself actually FEEL it leave.


Ferrill explained there are so many versions of love and he told of his love for the house they bought on Valentine’s Day in 2010…so they have been there over 9 years and will be putting the house up for sale on Monday. This song is on his CD “Significant Trees” and it is titled 

“The Happy Ones”

I love every line of this song…but I will share the first verse here: 


“There is a house on a hill we’ve been living in.

Under the shade of a tree of significance.

These are the times of our lives and we cling to them.

Just like the sun to our skin and the moon to her eyes as I look in them”

(I suggest you look up “Significant Trees” by Ferrill Gibbs)


Ferrill said the football rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is one of the things he will miss when he moves to Texas. He sang his song titled “Southern Empathy”…one line from it says:

“No, I don’t bleed Crimson and White, but I know how it feels to be as high as high tide.”


He went on to play several more of his originals. Then he sang a couple of cover songs. First a Fleetwood Mac song that is one of my favorites…”Thunder only happens when its raining.”

“Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom. Well who am I to keep you down. It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it. But listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness.”…(I love love that song).


The other cover is a mixed creation of Ferrill’s. It is a medley of many of our local musicians’ original songs. I recognized songs from Wet Willie, Ross Newell, Harrison McInnis, Ryan Balthrop, Grayson Capps, Eric Erdman and others. It was lots of fun.


He also shared the song he wrote that will be used by the radio station that is bringing him to Houston…it is called “Crayola Girl”…my favorite line from that song is “Her color spills outside the lines.”


I also enjoyed his song “Hallelujah to Ya” (not sure if that is the title…but it stands out for me).


I know lots of people…..lots of music people… Ferrill Gibbs and Elizabeth “Fish” Gibbs are right up at the top of my list for being not only talented, but genuinely GOOD people. It is so true that good people don’t need to tell you they are good people…it just shows!  We wish them a wonderful future!


I understand they will return and perhaps play at The Listening Room…possibly once a quarter.


Thank you Ferrill Gibbs for being the unique, special guy that you are

Thank you Elizabeth “Fish” Gibbs for being a delight

Thank you Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile for showcasing great talent


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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