Lisa Mills, lit up The Listening Room

June 29, 2019


Lisa loves Etta James….Etta James once said, when talking about The Blues, “Music is thunder and joy. Lightning bolts of happiness and praise, foot-stomping, dance-shouting, good-feeling singing from the soul”. —-That’s what we had at The Listening Room last night.


Etta also said, “Two things you can’t fake…Good Food and Good Music!”

There was no faking going on last night when Lisa took the stage…she was the REAL thing and she showered us with her powerful voice.


Lisa threw it all at us. With that voice of hers and that expression of sheer joy as she belted out the words; she paints the picture of a person who was born to entertain…and ENTERTAIN, she did!


Lisa took us to a place of heat and lust. As we were still panting from that, she grabbed us and  she resurrected us with gospel songs that had everyone clapping, shouting and wanting to say “Hallelujah!”


At the end of the night we were exhilarated, we were revived, we were exhausted but it was a happy time for all. 


This morning she prepares to leave for Switzerland, then London and God only knows where else. They are lucky souls to get to hear this precious person as she is a pure entertainer who pours out her heart and soul and leaves it lying there for you to feel and touch. 


The show started with “Sunshine” a joyful toe-tapping song that got us all feeling alive and awake. Next she played “Changing”…in it she says “I’m changing, but you are the same”…it is a song that tells of realizing we are no longer right together so its time to make a change.


Soon she was doing her Acapella renditions of “SANG”…..”Sang, Sang Sang Hallelujah…Sang Sang Sang Amen”…she pulled us all into it as we sang along and felt like we were part of a big revival in the show.


Lisa has plenty of original songs that are wonderful. But for me…she makes her own version of any song she wants to tackle…she is not shy about doing that. 


She sang a song written by Bill Carter “Richest Man”…is was a song of heartbreak that penetrates your soul as she sings it.

“If I had a dollar for every time you broke my heart, messed up my mind

Well I’d be the richest man, I’d be the richest man in the world

If bad times paid interest, I’d have you to thank

I’d drive a new car, have money in the bank

I’d be the richest man, I’d be the richest man in the world”


When Lisa sings that song, you can feel the pain from the songwriter who wrote those words…it was something he had gone through…nothing fake about him.


Lisa talked about her friend Cindy (she was not able to make the show, she is in Florida with her work)…Cindy has been close friends with Lisa many years; since the days when Lisa used to drag her guitar and amps up the steps of Trader’s on the Causeway.


She told of being part of an Alvin Lee compilation album by surprise, a song she sang in Wales was recorded (unbeknownst to her) and ended up on the album. She also said her song “Changing” was recorded by a young man from England. He told her he loved it so much he was compelled to record it on his first album.

She also had an experience where she sang “I don’t wanna be happy, I just wanna be with you” (one of my very favorites). It turns out this couple that had been married for about 30 years heard a recorded version of it…loved it so much they found her tour schedule, then they drove from their home in Ohio to The Listening Room one night to hear her sing that song. The man declared “That’s our song”. It was surprising as  “I don’t wanna be happy, I just wanna be with you!” just doesn’t seem real romantic. Yet it is a great song; a fabulous, realistic feeling.


To add to an already awesome show…the great Chip Herrington was in the audience and Lisa begged him to grab his trumpet and join her for the last song. He was reluctant at first but complied. 


WOW! What an exciting end as they did “This Train”. It was a resounding end to a wonderful night of music. Chip Herrington is a master on that trumpet…it brings lots of smiles to see him preparing to treat us with his fabulous talent. These two make a great team and the song was so much fun.


As she closed and thanked us for coming and for staying for the entire show…she reminded us that she will be back home in September…will be playing in The Listening Room for sure.


I can’t wait!


Thank you Lisa Mills for being Lisa Mills and entertaining us so well

Thank you Chip Herrington for adding pizazz to that last song

Thank you Jim Pennington for The Listening Room of Mobile


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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