An Old Soul lives inside David Shivers

June 30, 2019

Sometimes the biggest surprises are the most beautiful ones. I was taken by surprise last night at The Listening Room of Mobile. 


Briefly before the show, I met the  young musician, who was slated to play, he was polite, soft spoken and friendly…I had no idea how surprised I would be by him.


David Shivers is 18 years old. He just graduated from UMS and is headed to Belmont University in Nashville. I can see a bright journey ahead of him.


As I prepared to attend the show yesterday…my thoughts were: “He is 18, just finished high school…he will be a Rocker.”….When I saw him…I immediately thought ….”big brimmed hat, jeans…he is Country music through and through”…. Yes! I had him figured out…


I must admit I could not have been more wrong.


David Shivers sings the BLUES…this YOUNG man sings some gospel, some edges of rock but overall he is a blues singer.


So much was racing through my head as I attempted to figure how its possible that he is a blues singer. There were such thoughts as “What does this kid know about heartbreak, or pain, or a WOMAN!


As soon as he began to sing the blues…the answer came to me.…this is a 50 year old soul in an 18 year old body. He truly has an OLD and edgy soul…a deep understanding about life and love…. 


He said he hasn’t positively confirmed a name for this song…but since it is written on his set list as “What you do to me” or maybe “What it does to me”…. He will leave it at that.

Some lines in this song stuck with me (I hope I remember them correctly)…

”She left me here about 7 hours ago. She took all my money, all I will ever own.”

“She’s got a hold on me…its just another trick up her sleeve.”

“She’s got a hold on me, she knows when to use it.”


“Lovin’ comes just as easy as it goes.” (Whoa, that line got me)


I must say I agree with his mom in just loving this song. Someone called it “GREASY”…(never heard that term…but I like it!)…”What it does to me” or What you do to me”…even the title is wanting to slide in the grease. I love the rhythm of the music that goes with it and the words sound like a seasoned blues singer who is telling of love and loss, the hot and cold of romance…..(not thoughts I would think an 18 year old would relate to…but as I said already, I believe there is an old soul in this young man!)


I loved his song called “Silver Lining”…after all who doesn’t love a silver lining in life. 

And the message in “By Now We Should Know” is solid. One of my favorites is “What kind of love is this?”….I suppose we have all been standing in front of that question at some point in our lives.


“Live Again” is a great song too.


The trio last night consisted of David Shivers on Vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitar; his friend Steve Cowan on Drums; and his uncle Zal Chitty on Bass. Even though there was only one mic and one singer…I watched his Uncle Zal mouthing the words to many of the songs. He knew them and he could not contain himself…he could feel the song and knew the words that accompanied the music…so he silently sang along…I thought it was great! 


I have known Zal for years through my son Eric Erdman who is a musician. Zal plays Oboe and Eric called him to play on one of his songs when he was recording a new CD. Zal Chitty is an extremely nice guy and gifted musician. 


It was almost like a little reunion as I saw Zal, I met David’s parents, then I met David’s grandmother and we all sang happy birthday to her…delightful lady.


Not only does David Shivers have music in his blood and bones, he has a solid, supportive family to bolster him as he travels this “sometimes rocky” journey through life as a professional musician. I think I could teach a class in it after all these years with my son’s journey.


I was not certain about last night as I drove downtown for the 2nd night in a row. I have never been more grateful and happy with my choice to go and hear someone I had not heard before. 


I will not wish this young man LUCK. He does not need luck at all, he carries what he needs to succeed inside him. He has music coursing through his veins, is simply a born musician. It still won’t be all butterflies and roses but it will be one heck of a great journey and a life well lived as he follows his heart! Check him out at:


Thank you David Shivers for sharing your talent with me and showing this old lady what you could do.

Thank you Steve Cowan and Zal Chitty for also sharing your talent and backing David

Thank you Jim Pennington for making a place where musicians (beginning or seasoned), can come and show us what they have to offer and we can actually HEAR them.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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