Wood & Wire...Strong and Impressive!

July 10, 2019

I have heard bluegrass music all my life. I have heard jazz music most of my life…until last night I had not seen the similarities in the two.


In a song with both bluegrass and jazz, each instrument gets to do a little solo to show their stuff, then they back into the group and the next one has a turn at it. I think this is wonderful that these hard working, very skilled musicians get to take the center stage and shine for just a moment. Its a very similar arrangement that I had not taken time to examine before.


One thing for certain…Jazz and Bluegrass musicians are the most skilled on their instruments…at least that is the way I see it.


Last night there were four men, very talented men, who entertained us at The Listening Room of Mobile.


Tony Kamel on lead guitar and lead vocals. He is originally from Houston, Texas, now lives in Dripping Springs, Texas. He is a fabulous musician and so cute!


Dominic Fisher on upright bass, back-up vocals and occasionally lead vocals

He is from Rochester, NY originally but now calls Texas home. Dominic is an entertainer in addition to being a superb bassist (he looks like he is almost dancing with the upright bass).


Billy Bright on Mandolin….he sets that mandolin on fire! Billy is originally from Alabama. He also is currently a Texan. Billy is sometimes so fast on that mandolin, his fingers blur out of focus if you are watching them.


LAST, but far from least is:

Trevor Smith on Banjo and back-up vocals. Originally from Tuscon, AZ, but currently a Texan.

My musician son Eric Erdman and I were amazed as we couldn’t take our eyes off the Banjo player. He was the best we have ever seen. It was mesmerizing to see him on that banjo, he kept me on my toes wondering what he would do next. He did not disappoint.


One of my favorite parts of the show was when Billy(mandolin) and Trevor (Banjo) would step forward, facing one another and have a dual on their strings…I loved it!


Together these four make up a Bluegrass band called “Wood and Wire”.  Their style of music is lively, its entertaining and your eyes just can’t stay focused on one thing because there is just so much going on…you don’t know where to look.


I love how they lean in together for certain parts. I love how they smile so big the whole time. I love how they play off one another. I love how they sound as their voices wind around each other and make a stronger strand of music…it feels right, and comfortable to me.


Their record “North of Despair” was nominated for a GRAMMY for “Best Bluegrass Record”! How about that! We had a Grammy nominated band in our midst that graced the stage of The Listening Room of Mobile on their huge tour across our country. And they were humble, kind and seemed so happy to be in our presence. We greeted them with open arms, hugs and lots and lots of applause and ovations. The roar was sincere and it was greater than that of a freight train coming through.


Pull up their website  woodandwireband.com and check them out. They are traveling all across the U.S. on this tour and they chose to honor our city by playing in a small, but warm/welcoming venue called The Listening Room. 


I want to thank Wood and Wire for the entertainment

I want to thank Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile for bringing them.

I want to thank the fabulous audience that was totally focused on the show and loving every minute!


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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