I Love a Good Storyteller...

July 13, 2019

I love a good storyteller and when he or she puts this story to music or is inspired to write a song from the story; that makes it even better.


Last night at The Listening Room of Mobile, the featured artists were Eric Erdman, Lindsey Jordon Thompson and Tim Jackson. This is three of my favorite singer/songwriters and storytellers ever.


As the norm, the show started a little late, at 8:30pm. There really is a method to that madness and I have come to understand. Jim Pennington makes an effort to lessen disruption and distraction. His primary goal is to honor the artists by assuring, in any way he can, that they are the focus of the evening from the start of the show to the end. You might say he is a little rough around the edges, but I see that his heart is in the right place.


It is great to have a seasoned, natural musician…born with it in his or her soul. These people have talent embedded in their DNA…multiply that times 3 and you got yourself a Hootenanny! That’s what we had last night.


I have known Tim Jackson for years. He is super talented as a writer and a performer. I know some who are good at one but not so hot at the other…Tim has it going on as both. He was really on it last night with his stories before the songs. I could sit on the floor in a circle of people listening to Tim talk in his soft voice for hours on end. He is a master.


Lindsey is a consummate musician. A tiny lady with the ability to lift you off your feet with her big voice and her fabulous keyboard abilities. She too is a triple threat as she writes well, plays well and sings well. Her stage presence is impeccable.


Then there is Eric Erdman…

Last night Eric played several new songs he wrote recently while in Nashville and Boone. He played one he wrote with Radney Foster and Mark Bumgarner, called “Sweet Mystery”. Its gonna be one of my favorites now. But the one that really wowed the audience was “Just because she always has”…(I don’t know if that is the title, but you will hear it one day and you will LOVE it too) It was written by Eric Erdman and Jim Collins). It is a great message for anyone who is taking their partner in life for granted. It has the potential to make them think a little deeper about their relationship. It is my new favorite.


When he played “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right”, it sounded like the entire audience was singing along.


I must say, to me, this is what an evening of music should feel like. 


Forget your problems at the door, walk into a place where music lives, a place where music is revered, a place where the focus is 100% on the artists who is there to entertain you.

They pour their heart out to you and help you FEEL this life…help you understand the importance of gathering to celebrate life together… We were at the best place for a lesson in FEELING….

This place is called The Listening Room of Mobile.


Thank you Lindsey Jordon Thompson for your beauty and your talent

Thank you Tim Jackson for the wonderful stories and beautiful songs

Thank you Eric Erdman for yet another batch of exceptional songs

Thank you Jim Pennington for the Listening Room —a beacon in the night


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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