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July 26, 2019

Callaghan's at its Finest---Wednesday Nights!


There I was Wednesday night in a very crowded Callaghan’s…standing room only. Stan Foster, Jose Santiago and guest musician, Emily Stuckey were the billed entertainment for the evening. We had a large group to hear the music and to celebrate Rachel Campbell’s 40th birthday. It was shaping up to be an evening of greatness…great friends, great food, great music…great waitstaff too.


Stan Foster (Nappie Award Winner, Best Bassist for 2019), need I say more?  He is charming, talented, and one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to know. Jose Santiago is the best I have ever heard on bongos. Jose is an exceptional guy with the ability to elevate a song to a new level. Then there is Emily Stuckey. She is Emmylou Harris and then some. I have always been a great fan of Emmylou…now I am a greater fan of EMILY STUCKEY.  If you haven’t heard her, make your plans to go wherever she is playing as soon as possible. She can lift you up and make you feel the music…I could listen to her beautiful voice for hours on end and still never get enough! You will FEEL like you have done something special, just by sitting in her presence and listening.


Added to the dynamic trio of Stan, Jose and Emily was two power musicians in the audience. Kristy Lee and Eric Erdman joined the fun and that place was really hoppin’. I, along with many others felt privileged to be a witness to it. The audience joined in and sang along on many of the songs. Another excellent musician, a percussionist named Joel Andrews joined in and filled in all the spaces that needed him to be there. I have seen him many times at Callaghan’s and he always puts a smile on my face.


When music lifts your spirits and touches you like it did at Callaghan’s Wednesday night, it has done what it is supposed to do. I just wanted to hug everybody and I think I came close to doing that. 


This group sang originals, they sang covers, they sang their hearts out and we felt their words and music as it penetrated our hearts. 


Stan is one of the best announcers on any stage. He has a perfect rhythm and perfect banter that keeps ya wanting more. He is funny, he is precise, direct and downright awesome on the mic.


Callaghan’s has a lot to offer. There is something about sitting in that place that makes you feel at home. I always feel welcome and happy to be there. The staff is the best. The food is award-winning and rightfully so. J T brings in the best musicians across the country and he honors our local musicians with regular gigs as well. It is a place for musicians and music lovers alike to gather and love one another. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


It gets a little rowdy and noisy sometimes when people get excited and want to talk about the music or about life…then others in the crowd Shhhhhh them down so they can enjoy the music to the fullest. It is a compromise and balance that worked out fine.


Music is my salvation. It washes away 

the dust from my everyday life and renews my soul.


Thanks Stan, Jose, Emily…plus Kristy, Eric and Joel for cleansing my soul, it was dusty!

Thanks JT for having such a special place for us to gather and celebrate our lives.


Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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